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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10

-what will happen next?
-what will the next arc be about?
-how are the crew gonna meet up again?
-Oda mention this will be his[luffys] last adventure as a 17 year old....why? is he turning 18?
So many questions unanswered

:discuss here::
Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10
in my opinion This arc was the best, it introduced many new characters. I think the Marineford Arc will also be intense (in the anime, im not really caught up with the manga) I hope that Dragon will appear

Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10
I want to know what happens after marineford..........and how are the other nakama going to find their way back? are they going to make an arc especially for them? O.O so many questions...Oda better make it good
Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10
I cant wait to see Luffy's new bounty! @ gakuenshugo..Oda is really making people wonder what will happen next... .sometimes I feel like one piece is going to end [hopefully NOT]
Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/23/10
Trafalgar Law will come to rescue luffy from impel down
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/23/10
WHAT REALLY? that'd be cool
Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/24/10
yea and he is a doctor
Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/25/10
not from impel
Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/25/10
yea that's what i mean, srry hazelmarucut ^^
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10
I feel like im obsessed with the 11 supernovas
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10
well the latest chapter now is ShANKs who is coming to the resuce. but i dont thik luffy will be meeting him any soon
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/28/10
yea u r right,and shanks resuce coby
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/28/10
haha i liked coby's speech. But who will return luffy's hat?(it was originally shanks' hat but..) if shanks don't return luffy's hat then, they wont be called STRAWHAT pirates anymore...
Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/1/10
I'm not caught up yet, but things seem interesting!
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10
they are , cant wait to see who ordered doflamingo to kill moria
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