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Ch. 1

Sophie Senroe stepped into WestMount Middle School, her heart filled with hope. She has been watiting for this day, the day that she was finally a sixth grader! Sophie was a perky girl who was usually full fo spirit. "Soph, why didnt you wait for me?" Sophie's best friend, Malika Anderson came panting, her face full of sweat. "I'm sorry, " Sophie winced. "It's just that I've been waiting for this day. I can't wait!!" Malika smiled. 'I bet you can't. You wouldn't stop talking about it ALL SUMMER!!" she grinned. Malika was always there for Sophie, and Sophie was always there for Malika. Malika was as hyper as Sophie, and together, they made the perfect team "C'mon, let's go!!" Sophie grabbed Malika's hand and together, they ran in, laughing As Sophie and Malika walked into the auditorium, a woman with curly red-brown hair and a red knitted sweater walked onto the stage. "Take a seat, everybody," the woman began. "I am Ms. Kender, you principal. I just want to say one thing today--," she paused, as if for dramatic effect. " WELCOME TO WESTMOUNT MIDDLE SCHOOL!!" Sophie and Malika looked at each other, grinning. They loved these types of principals! Sophie just knew it, they'll have a great school year! She took our the schedule which was mailed to their homes. "Ready?" Sophie looked at Malika and winked. "I'm ready!" Malikea winked back. Then they exchanged schedules, and when they were done, they both raised an eyebrow. "Girl, I told you we're great for each other." Malika laughed as tears sprouted into her eyes. "We have the same schedule!" Sophie and Malika hugged each other. Sophie loved the feeling--everything, just everything, was going to be absolutely great!! ~~~~~ As Sophie and Malika walked into their homeroom [RM 247, Social Studies!], they couldn't help but grin. Their sdeats have been assigned together, and across them sat 2 boys. "Take your time to introduce yourself, everyone." The teacher, Ms. Mayson, said with a smile. "I'm Sophie." Sophie said. Malika hurried to continue. "--And I'm Malika." she pointed to herself. "You?" "I'm Jack." one of the boys said. Jack was an utter jock, and sweat ran down his face. Sohpie couldn't help but think ,"CUTE!"The other boy, who had a wide grin on his face, said "I'm Alex. Watch out, I'm a prankster." He raised his eyebrows and grinned slyly. [Milika's brain at the moment: "......???!?!?!?......."] The work was no problem to the girls; it was mostly review, just to get their brain working hard again and pumped up! After the bell rang, Sophie and Malika huddled together. 'Okay, I'v got my eyes on the one I have a crush on." Malika said. "Ready?" Sophie said. "Ready!" Malika replied. "I like..." ,the both of them started, "JACK!!" Sophie and Malika's eyes grew wide as they stared at each other, not able to believe it.....
-To be continued...-
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