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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/22/10
!!! OkEyy dis is 4 de Gurlz hus Has Goods EYes..or dose hu wanna hav Fun den please B glad 2 Join..
.....cuzz is 4 eve1 xxx !!!

We're holdin a contest..de winner will have her pic displace alongside wif her gUY mODELL..SOO PRETTY MUCH BOTH WINS HAHA..( if dat makes sense haha!! ><)

the aim is dat wer tryin to get mor of us CGs membars to join an participate in group forums an not jis dat by goin out 2 find modeler 4 ur dis contest..wer tryin 2 bring more people in2 our grops an is FUNN!!

THE WINNER.. der modeler we'll b up on front page an along side wif the finder's name an de picwil b dispalce 4 a MONTH

Here wats u hav 2 do ( is soso simple dat u wanna cry haha):

1. find de CUTEST GUY or guys if u can spot mor den One ..( but one can onlyy win)
2. dey culd be anyone frm dis group..otha groups..or ur budds or hu ever..an GET DEM ON here
3. Post ur model(s) which u have to get urselff (haha der u go sumthin 4 u to do lol xP) picture here an urs too please

p.s be4 u do please go read IMPORTANT PLEASE READ forum...thankyouu

Contest due out from 2day..end of competing hav not been verifyed yet..until the due day of the winner..the date will be posted be4 hand

now go out der AN HAV FUNN!!!! ^^

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