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Who could it be now?
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Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/24/10
We used to get salesman knocking on the door, walking around the block and then trying again ten minutes later after they bothered someone else...I felt sorry for them at first but it got out of hand.

You can register your phone number and post a "no solicitation" sign...or open your sprinklers. They won't bother you anymore...until a part timer comes along...
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/24/10
I miss the days where I could let the dog out to chase them away. There's a long driveway up to my house with a gate at the end of it so only the really cheeky ones climb the gate and knock on the door.
Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/24/10
Hmm.. Last year's spring break, I was cleaning the house and reformatting my PC when a group of religious people called "Inglesia ni Kristo" suddenly crowded in the front of the main door. They were dressed formally, the guys on suit and necktie, girls with long-skirt dresses and were preaching about their religion's teachings. I went out to greet them, only wearing boxers (it was so damn hot and I never realized till they gave me a "lol" look on their face). Feeling ashamed, I offered them a snack inside the huse but they refused and kept preaching about vocation, repentance and some other religious crap. I pretended to listen, nodding rhythmically every time their leader takes a glance at me. After about 15 minutes of talking they gave me a small booklet of dual languages about their teaching and left. I watched how they went to other houses and did the same routine.
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/29/10
Wow saleman and religious men...
Back here I never encountered such incidents, considering I live in the high rise building apartment
Although we do encounter teenagers and students selling ice creams or sweets
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