Yukari's Involvement
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Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/23/10
Yukari's Involvement

Chapter one

Yukari!!!!" ugh! I hated the tone my foster-mother used to get me up, it was gross, almost sing-songish yet not quite. The only way to shut her up would be to get out of bed, which i would not do, after all last night the dang women kept me up till 5 A.M. What time was it rite now? i turn over in my bed to check the sun-dial- UGH! Only 2 hours two hours of sleep and she wants me up?
"Yukari, time to get up, child." She pulled the covers off of me.
"Alright. I'm Up. See my eyes are open and im having a conversation with you. and i ain't going to ge out of bed if you drop a bucket of cold water on me." I mumble......Did i just say that to her? aw crap, to late i realize what I've done. In walks Yuri, mu foster-mothers real son, with a big bucket of cold water, i don't know if it's just me, but i see ice in there.
"Good boy!" She purrs, suddenly her voice turns venomous."Now dump it on this ungrateful brat! I take her in," More like you were forced to by the Kings council. "I feed her," Yeah, left overs from a week ago, which you throw on the floor and expect me to eat. "I clothe her," Clothes you take from trashcans, and then when others ask why you say you always try to get me to wear better clothes but i just don't listen. "I send her to school," Only because you worry about what others would think. "I take the time to wake her up," Isn't that so i could do all your chores for you? "and she still dares act like this? Tsk tsk. honestly child, since today's a special day i was going to let you go for your behavior but you had to didn't you?" she pulls out a wooden spoon from seemingly nowhere, and wackes me on top the head. "Now, repeat after me,'Ain't ain't a word, and I ain't going to use it'." I fight not to glare.
"Ain't" i start through grinding teeth. "Is a word, and I'm gonna use it."

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