What are some of the things that the leading characters of a drama should never do?
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Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/26/10
for a leading guy:
-he should never go back to his former love even if she is begging for him to keep her company (this leads to jealousy and is very misleading to the leading girl)
-he shouldnt hit the leading girl
-he shouldnt believe in whatever the third wheel psycho bitch has to say if he hasnt talked to the main girl about it first
-if he made a bet of some sort lied to the main girl previously before falling in love with her, he shouldnt keep that a secret because the truth always comes out and he always looks like the bad guy
-he shouldnt ever stand up the main girl unless he tells her and it's a legitimate reason (it should never be for the third wheel girl)

for a leading girl:
-she shouldnt tell white lies to the main guy because that always leads to conflict
-she shouldnt go eavesdropping on conversations between the main guy and his formal love if she isnt gonna listen to the whole conversation (this pisses me off cuz the leading girl always leaves after hearing misleading things and never hears the good parts)
-she shouldnt always run to the third wheel guy for whatever problems she has (hello? the main guy will obviously get jealous)
-she shouldnt keep all these secrets from the main guy cuz he will feel all betrayed later on
-she shouldnt be so insecure and doubt the main guy's love for her all the time

i guess these stupid annoying actions of the main characters are what make the drama inreresting but they always frustrate me.

in autumn's concerto, i got frustrated about how mu cheng never told guang xi the truth.

in devil beside you, it was annoying how qi yue kept feeling insecure and inferior when mei di was around.

in coffee prince, eun chan shouldve hurried and told han kyul she was in fact a girl

the list just goes on and on.
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