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Worst Luck By: Lollipop401
-just warning you guys, it's pretty bad. yikes!
--------------------- i guess this would be considered the Prologue <---what's that even mean? x)
Deafening roars emerged when they appeared.
That's one word to describe how they looked up there.
Hot…and gorgeous.
"Look, it's them."
I barely managed a nod. I was so entranced by them. Well more specifically by him.
My one and only enemy. Like, seriously I was destined to hate him. But I gotta admit, I didn't pretty much hate him right now.
Woah. Wait. Did I just say that? No. I gave myself a mental smack. I have to snap out of it. You hate him!
He's a jerk remember? Yeah. I remember now. Keep control over yourse--
"Alexa aren't you excited?" yelled Dahlia over the screams.
Ah yes. Dahlia. She's pretty much gaga over these guys. Well, they're not that bad looking…especially Aaron.
AHH! No. Stop thinking about him!
"Wait, what are they going to do?" I asked trying to distract myself from my unwanted thoughts.
"Alex weren't you listening at all what the announcer said?" Dahlia glared at me.
I smiled sheepishly. "Not really. I spaced out."
Dahlia rolled her eyes. "It's soo like you. The guys are going to sing and dance."
Wow. Aaron singing? That almost made me laugh. The only time I ever heard him sing was back in 7th grade and let me tell you, it wasn't very pretty.
"What are they singi--"
Dahlia clamped her hand over my mouth. "Shut up Alex! They're starting already."
I wanted to laugh. Dahlia looked like a kid to their first concert. Not that this was a concert.
Though it sure sounded like one with all the screams and whistles. No, this was Hawthorne's High School Talent Show.
Yep. We still have talent shows in high school. Pretty weird don't ya think? I thought we only had those till middle school.

" I ain't never met a girl before
That came on in and shook up my life
Someone who'd make me give up everything
Go from broke and fall in love
And baby girl that's something"

Woah. Aaron was good. What happened to him? He had a horrible voice back in 7th grade. Eh. Puberty I guess. He has this deep voice now… it's sexy.

"Oh, my heart, my time, it's nothing
Girl, oh, her kiss, just can't do without it
Oh, there's something 'bout the things you do
Oh, and every time I think of you
I get excited 'cause you're my girl"

Dammit! I seriously need to stop thinking these thoughts of him. He's my enemy for Christ's sake! Maybe I should go see a doctor. Or get some thera--
"Oh my god Alex. Aaron's staring at you," squealed Dahlia as she shook me. Hard, I might add.
"Ouch. Dahlia, he's not staring at me." I glared at her.
"How would you know if you're staring at me?" Dahlia put her hand on her hip and gave me THE look. Which meant "Gurl, don't even get me started with you."
I sighed. "Fine, I'll show you he isn't staring at me." I turned around to face him.

"(That girl)
Just the way I like it, gotta have it, just the way
(That girl)
Keep me open, I be hopin' that I'm gonna be with
(That girl)
I can't believe
(That girl)
She's killing me, crazy, sexy, cool baby, you that girl"

Yep. He was definitely staring. At moi.
And so were all the girls in our school. Only they were giving me death glares.
This is going to be a living hell. All thanks to that bastard.
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Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10
8DD <333 OMIGAWSHH!! (: I LIKEE :DD & Yeah, Please invite chur buddies * barely has any >w>*
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