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Life of a girl...
/An interesting story/

Part I

The date was 25th of January 2010…Another day at school. Another boring day. My name is…I'm not going to tell you for now. An ordinary high school girl. Well I am not like the other girls. How should I say it I am fatter than them. Anyway…I was going to school like any other day. My first lesson was Bulgarian.
-Just another boring boring day. –I said to myself
The class started and the teacher that came in wasn't the Bulgarian teacher it was our French teacher. She said that that the teacher was sick so she's filling in.
-Why?! Why the hell French class I hate this! –I said in my head
The teacher said that there's news so we quiet down.
-Well we have a new student. –she said and…
-Well do you want to meet him?
-Yes teacher. –the class shouted, but I didn't give a crap about it
-So here he is. Come in. – said the miss and someone opened the door
I was looking at the window like always when I heard the girls shouting. I turned my head and I saw. I saw a boy. He was tall, thin and handsome. It was like I was looking at a playboy. All the girls were literally drooling over the guy.
-So will you introduce your self? –asked the teacher
-Sure. Hello everyone I'm Jake. Nice to meet you all. –he said while putting a grin on his face
-Well then you can sit there in the second row at the back.
-Fine fine. –he said and went to his seat behind me and my friend
The time was 08:10 a.m. The class ended. All of the girls, from every class gathered around the new guy. Well all accept me and one of my friends.
-I'm surprised that you aren't around that guy, Violet. –I said to her, because she was always around cute boys
-Nah I don't think this guy is for me…more like for you. – she answered
-W-What?! – I said shocked and a little blushing
Jake had long hair but not that long, blue eyes and he was every girl's wish
The bell rang for the next lesson. It was math. It seems that Jake was number 8 and the teacher wanted him to sit next to me because I'm number 7. And so it did. The irritating thing was that he was looking at me the whole time. I was nervous and I finally said to him quietly…
-Why the hell are you staring at me?!
-I don't know. You're cute when you're paying attention in class. –he said grinning
I was so embarrassed that my face was all red. I turned my head back to listen to the teacher, but he was looking at me the whole time. When the bell rang I quickly took my stuff and went to my ordinary seat. My face was still all red and I went to the bathroom to wash my face.
-How could he say that?! How?! –I kept asking myself
When I got back to the classroom he was surrounded by fan girls so I just walked by him. I was the girl that didn't care at all. Jake looked at me like he was satisfied with something.
Finally the day ended. It was 13:00 p.m. I wanted to get home so much I could cry.
-Hey there you are! –someone shouted to me
I turned my head around and I saw Jake waving to me
-Why?! Why me, God?!? –I kept saying to myself with a pretty dump expression on my face
-What is it??? –I asked him
-What was your name again??? –he replied asking me
-It’s Gloria. So what do you want???
-Where do you live? I think I live near you.
-I live near the casinos.
-Then I was right. You're my way. Com on let's go. – he said pulling my hand
The other girls were looking at me like they want to kill me, but I didn't care. As we were walking the people were looking at us and whispering. My face was once again all red. Jake just kept looking at me then he laughed.
-W-What's so funny?! – I asked him
-Nothing nothing your just so cute when you're blushing. Do you have a boyfriend, Gloria???
-No. Look at me. How can I have one. – I turned my head to the other side
-There's nothing wrong with you. You're very beautiful and smart. So what if you're a little bigger than the other girls. What counts is in the heart.
I turned my head to him and I looked at him like I was so happy I could cry. That's when he said…
We're here. I live here.
-Ehhhhhhhhhh?!?! Y-You live here?! –I asked shocked
-Yes, why?
-I-I live here. –I said pointing to the building across
He started laughing and asked me…
-What floor do you live at???
-5th floor. You?
-I'm the 6th floor. We can see each other through the window
Yeah. –I said starting to walk to the entrance of my building
-Wait! –Jake said stopping me
-What is it? –I asked
-Do you want to walk to school together tomorrow?
I looked at him surprised.
-S-Sure! – I said and rushed to my home before he could see my blushing face
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Part II

It was 25th of January 2010…The time was 01:30 a.m. I couldn't sleep at all. All the time I was thinking about what Jake said to me.
-Why am I thinking about it? It's not like he likes me so whatever. –I said to myself and went to sleep
Now it's the next day 7:15 a.m. When I woke up I found out that I was late so I rushed to get ready and go to school.
-LATE, LATE, LATE. I`M SO LATE, DAMN IT!!! –I kept screaming while running to my first lesson. It was math. I hate that stupid subject.
I opened the door to the class room and I said:
-S-Sorry I'm late teacher!
She just looked at me and said to sit down. I was nervous so I went to my seat without a word. When I sat down I saw Jake looking at me and smiling.
-W-What is it? –I asked him whispering
-I'm glad you're here. I thought you wouldn't come. –he answered whispering
My face was blushing a little but I turned my head to the teacher to listen.
-Number 7? Who's that? –the teacher said looking around
-I-I am. –I said razing my hand
-Come to the board, please.
I looked to Jake before standing up. I just heard him say “You can do it!” I was smiling and walking to the teacher. That was the first time someone said something like that to me. When I got the board she gave me such a problem to solve that I could die just by thinking. But somehow I did it and the teach. wrote me an excellent mark. The bell rang and I went to my regular seat. I saw my friend Violet coming to me.
-That was great. See she wrote you an excellent mark, why do you look so dull? –she asked me
-Want to see? –I replied
-Then call over Jake and you'll see.
-Okay. –said Violet calling Jake over
The other girls were looking at us with a death glare while they're dream boy was coming to us.
-Hey girls, what is it? –he asked
-Hi Jake –said Violet
-Hey Gloria nice work on that problem!
-A-Ah thank you! –I said while I felt me face turning red
Violet just started laughing then someone called Jake's name.
-I have to go, bye and don't do what I wouldn't.
-What reviewing lessons in the break? –I asked smiling
-Yep! –He answered and ran off
Violet just kept laughing and looking me. I was with a dump expression on my face.
-So you found out, huh?
-Then why are you laughing, idiot?
-Well this is the first time you've liked a boy, that's all
-I DO NOT LIKE HIM! –I shouted so that the whole school could hear me
Everyone laughed. It was the lunch break so I went for a walk with my friend.
She took me to the salon and told me to close my eyes. I did it and asked:
-Why all this?
-You'll see. Don't open them, okay?
-Okay okay
I waited around 2 min. and opened my eyes. I saw two hands covering my eyes. You can let go now Violet. I turned around and saw Jake at her place.
-Calm down, okay? I'm the basketball team's captain. Why are you here?
-That good for nothing friend of mine.
-You mean Violet? She's over there talking to one of my teammates. We're done with practice so do you want to go somewhere?
When I heard that my heart started pounding like crazy
-W-We can't the next lesson will be starting soon
-It's Bulgarian. We have free period. Shall we go?
-O-Okay. –I said it without thinking and started walking
We went to the park. I saw a couple of girls talking about us. They said it so loud that I heard it loud and clear. They said:
-What a hot boy! What's that girl doing with him? She couldn't be his girlfriend right?
I was about to cry when I saw Jake looking at me and smiled.
-Wait for me here, okay? –he said to me
I just nodded and waited. He went over to those girls and I saw how they were growling over him. Then all of a sudden they were crying. He got back to me and smiled.
-What did you do with them? –I asked him
-Oh I just said that you were my girlfriend. –he replied
Jake was laughing. I just stood there shocked.
-Come on let's go we have to get back to school.
I just started walking. Inside I was smiling but I was looking like a scared cat.

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Part III

When we got back to school I tried to not get around him a lot. I think it was third period when I saw him. He was just sitting there and looking all gloomy.
-I can't be around him. He just gives me a blushing face. –I said inside my head
When I saw the time it was already 13:05 p.m. I was late, again. I looked around and everyone was gone accept Jake and Violet. He was with the gloomy face all day.
-I have to go Violet, he's coming. –I said to my friend and started walking
I just saw with the top of my eye how Jake was looking at me with scare in his eyes.
When I reached my home I saw someone at the door. He was back. You're wondering who is he? Well he's my brother Andrew. He is a twenty five year workaholic. Every 5 months he comes back home. The most time he lives in Germany, where he works too.
-Hey sis I'm back. –He said to me with a cold and cool voice
I went and hugged him and said:
-Welcome home big brother.
We went inside and mom and dad were watching TV like usually.
-I'm going to my room. –I said
-Why not go for a walk? –my brother asked me
-Hello, it's 14:45 p.m. and it was about to rain outside.
-Oh come on, you big baby.
-Fine I got it I'll go.
I put my sac in my room and went outside with Andrew. We walked to the park.
-So how's school?
-I can't believe I'm saying this but it's pretty good.
He started laughing like never before. I just looked at him annoyed.
-What are you laughing about idiot?
-How couldn't I laugh? You said school and pretty good. Those words don't come out of your mouth. It's weird.
I stood there with a dump face on.
-If you say that again I'll tell mom and dad to put you on adoption.
I laughed, he just looked at me dump.
-I wanted to ask you did you get a boyfriend yet?
-No, but there's a boy that I think I like.
-Wow you’ve changed sister. –he said to me smiling
I smiled and said “Yeah, I have.” then we just kept walking until we reached the center of the park.
-So who’s this guy? –He asked me interested
-Oh he lives in the building across of ours.
-Really? Wow what’s his name?
-He’s name is Jake. But I can’t remember his last name.
-That’s okay. I hope I can meet him. I’ll be here for three months.
-Really? Cool.
At the same moment I got a SMS from mom. I didn’t notice but it was already 16:30 p.m. We were so late. Hahahaha. When we got home I went to my room and checked to see if someone had called me. Oh did I forget to mention I have my own phone at home. Yeah that’s right. So anyway there were only messages from Violet and some other friends. When I got to the 7th one I heard a voice that I knew very well. It was someone that I though I’d never hear from again. It was my old “friend” Natalie. Oh how I hated her. Once she was my friend, but when she stool the boy I liked I never talked to her again. I heard those words I though I’d never never hear:
-Hi Gloria It’s me Natalie. I though that we could see each other again. If you’d like to, call me back on this number.
-No way! Absolutely no way I’d call her back!!! –I screamed inside my head
The next day I went to school in a great mood I don’t know why. Maybe because my brother came back. Anyway my first lesson was swimming. God how I hate that. The fact that I have to show myself in a bikini is terrible enough. I got to school and I saw Violet walking with Jake. My mouth literally dropped to the ground.
-What the hell are they doing together?! –I said to myself
I saw Violet waving to me and I waved back without realizing it. Jake just looked at me and when I looked back at him I smiled.
It seems Violet and Jake were getting closer to one another. She told me that he thinks that I hate him for some reason. And she said that his birthday was tomorrow. Before class started I was in my bikini and I went to him.
-Hey Jake. –I said smiling
He lifted his head and said “Hey Gloria!” then he smiled.
-So what’s up? I heard you’re birthday was tomorrow.
-Yeah, I’ll have a party after school would you like to come? –he asked me
-I’d be glad to. I know the perfect present. –I answered and giggled
I saw him blushing and smiling. The teacher said to get in the pool so I had to go. God I hate swimming.
Time passed and thankfully school was over and for my surprise Andrew was waiting for me in front of the school gate.
-Hey loser what are you doing here? –I shouted to him and waved
-Is that any way to talk to you’re brother? –he asked smiling
-So how’s that guy? What was his name again? Jake was it..?
-O-Oh him…There he is –I replied blushing a little
Jake was coming this was. He was angry. I wonder why?
-Hey Jake what’s wrong?
-Hey Gloria. Nothings wrong. So who is this here? –he asked me with an angry voice pointing to Andrew
-Oh him. That’s my brother Andrew. –I said smiling
Jake grinned and said:
-Nice to meet ya man.
-Yeah nice to meet ya too. Tell me what’s you’re final name?
-It’s Cloud. Why?
-Wait a minute you’re the son of my boss, Jackson Cloud right? Of Cloud Company.
- Yeah that’s right.
-What’s going on here? –I asked them confused
-This guy is loaded with money sis! –Andrew whispered in my ear
-I guess it’s discovered. –said while sighing Jake
-So what if you’ve got loads of money. Woopty-doo. –I said and started walking
-You two grannies coming or what?
-Yeah yeah we’re coming. –they said it in the same time. I just giggled
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Part IV
The birthday party

The next day was Saturday. Finally some rest. But it was going to be boring too because there would be nothing to do. Oh wait I have to go to Jake’s birthday party. I wonder what I should wear? I wonder if I should buy something new? I called Violet and it seems she was invited too. So we packed our stuff and went shopping. We stopped at the famous store “New Yorker”. That’s my favorite store.
-So what do you think? –Violet asked me
She was wearing a not to long dress with black and pink. It was so extravagant. Well Violet was thin so it looked good on her. On the other hand I do not wear dresses.
-You should buy it. It looks very good on you. –I replied
-Okay. Now you go try on something.
-Like what?
-This time I’ll pick something for you.
-God please don’t let it be a skirt! –I said to her
When she came back she was holding a pair of jeans that I liked very much. A long blouson that was pink with black. It had stars all over it. So cool. And of course she had to bring me bracelets. Well at least the outfit was cool.
-C’mon c’mon go try it. –she kept nagging
-Fine I’ll go I’ll go.
I went to try it and when I came out Violet said that it looked good on me. I have to say it-she picked a very awesome outfit. We paid for the clothes and went to a coffee shop. The time was 13:05 p.m. Only an hour to the party.
-So tell me the truth, Gloria. You like Jake don’t you? –Violet asked me while drinking her coffee.
-W-What?! I do not like him! I mean I like his as a friend but nothing more. –I replied blushing a little
-Don’t lie you coward!
-I am not lying! Anyway let’s go there’s no time anyway.
We got back to our houses and got ready. I asked Andrew to drive us to his house. He agreed and drove us there. When we were nearly there he said:
-My boss invited me too so I’m staying with you sis.
-WHAT?! Y-You’re going to be with us?! Oh God just please don’t make a fool out of you’re self. He just looked at me annoyed and nod. Violet just laughed the whole way there.
We arrived at a huge I mean HUGE house. I think twenty people can live here. At the gates there was a guard.
-Invitations please. –he said to us
-Invitations? What the hell? –I said looking dump at the guard
Andrew gave him something and he let us in.
-What was that?
-I just gave the guy an invitation.
I just looked around and it seemed I was the only one with jeans. There were plenty of girls and boys, but all of them were with dresses and costumes. Even my brother and Violet. But I didn’t care. Like dad always tells me “Be different from the others”. And besides I didn’t know I had to be in a dress. This is supposed to be a b-day not a ball. Me and Violet walked around. Andrew was with his boss. But when we were walking all of the people were looking at me like I was an alien or something. I went to the table to get something to drink. When I turned around I saw Violet with some guy and sighed. I closed my eyes for a bit to calm myself and I heard clapping.
-I guess someone showed up. –I thought
The suddenly I heard the girls gasping. I was a little annoyed because I knew they were gasping because of me. I opened my eyes and saw Jake. He was looking straight into my eyes.
-Hello there Miss..? –he said grinning
-It’s Gloria Stone.
-Well Miss Stone will you grant me this dance?
I was blushing but I said:
-I cannot dance. I’m not with the right clothes.
Jake kissed my hand like a true gentlemen and said grinning:
-It doesn’t matter. I like you’re clothes. So will you dance with the birthday boy?
-Sure, I will. You’re wishes must be granted today.
We started dancing. I knew that all of the girls were looking at us with jealousy. I was smiling big. Jake was just looking at me.
-So tell me why did you ask me to dance with you? You could have danced with every girl here.
-Humph, I wanted to dance with the most extravagant girl here.
I blushed once again. Why does this guy touching my heart like this?! It’s almost annoying. Then we heard someone say “Time for the presents!”
-Well I guess you should go open them –I said to him smiling
He pulled my hand and said:
- C’mon I want to open them with you
-What?! –I just said shocked
We went to the table with the presents and I saw Violet and my brother. One of the guards stopped me and said:
-I’m sorry but you have to leave. You’re not dressed properly.
- No she will stay! I say so! Get lost or you lose a job! –Jake said to him with an angry voice
Everyone was looking at me. Everyone! I was about to cry so I just gave Jake the present and said:
-Here this is for you. I hope you like it. –Then I ran from the house
I just heard him say “WAIT!” The guards tried to stop me but no use. I have trained karate after all. I couldn’t drive so I just stayed in the car.
I just wanted to cry but I couldn’t. I saw someone coming to the car. God how I wanted it to be Violet or Andrew. But no, it was the birthday boy. He knocked on the window of the car, but I did not respond. He knocked even harder but nothing.
-Open this door Gloria! – I heard him calling to me
-No! Leave me alone and go to you’re party! –I said
-The party has stopped and it will stay like that until you come inside!
I looked at him shocked. I felt like for the first time something was done for me. For me! I opened the door and asked:
Jake smiled soft and replied: Yes. That is right.
I came out of the car and saw that it was raining. Jake was all wet.
-Why did you come?
-Because you’re the one I want to be with.
-W-What? –I asked him blushing and shocked at the same time
He leaned in for a kiss but I suddenly heard the sound of an alarm clock. I woke up in my bed all soaked in sweat. Shocked I checked quickly what’s the time, date and day. It was Saturday the 30th. The time was 10:00 o’clock in the morning. It was just a dream, huh? When the hell did the days pass? I still had to go to Jake’s birthday party. It seems that I have bought the clothes I was in my dream. I just prayed that the real thing is not going to be like the dream.
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Part V
The real thing

I checked my watch and saw that there was an hour to the party. I called Violet to make sure she’d come. It was time. I got ready but this time I was with makeup. Makeup! Anyway Andrew drove us to a house. It seems that Jake lives with his brother in the apartment, but his mom and dad live in a huge house. Violet was in the same dress as in my dream and Andrew said that his boss invited him. I wasn’t surprised so I just nod slightly.
-Hey is everything okay? –Violet asked me wondering
I just nodded again, looking through the window. My brother and my best friend just kept looking at me.
We arrived at a house. I don’t know why, but it’s the same house as in my dream. As we entered there wasn’t a guard this time. I opened the huge doors at the front. And yet again I looked to the ground. Want to know why? Well the girls were with pretty dresses and me…well, jeans. The interesting thing was that Violet was with me the whole time. Well until…..
-Hey you look kind of sad. –I said looking at her
-Ah! It’s nothing. –She replied looking at some guy
-You want to go talk to him, don’t you?
-Ah…..No no.
-Go, I’ll be all right
Her face was shining. Violet nod and went to the guy. I turned to the table to get something to drink. God I am going to start hating birthday party’s. I was drinking my drink when I felt hands on my sides. I blushed as I heard all of the girls in the room gasp.
-Turn around. – A calm and cool voice whispered in my ear
When I turned around I saw blue eyes staring at me. It was non other than Jake. The birthday boy.
-Hey there. You stand out of the others. –he said to me
-How? –I asked
-Well you’re not wearing the proper clothes. –he said laughing
-Hey! I didn’t know what to wear anyway! –I screamed annoyed
-So do you like the party?
-I guess. But how old are you?
-I’m fifteen. Today I’m turning sixteen.
-What? If your fifteen why are you in my class? You have to be in an other class.
-My parents wanted me to stay in kindergarten more. So I started a year later.
I giggled and we kept talking when I heard the voice of the announcer. He said: “Time for the presents. Please everyone come to the living room. The prince will open them soon.” I started laughing so hard that I was crying.
-They call you prince? Hahahaha!!!
-Hey it’s not funny! C’mon let’s go…
-Of course prince!
-Don’t call me that! –He kept saying annoyed as we were walking
We entered the living room and I saw at least a hundred people. I was amazed. The room was beautiful, like in a fairy tail. On a huge table there were plenty of presents. And they were bigger and bigger. But on the other hand mine was…well…really small. Before he started to open the presents I gave him mine. When he saw it he wasn’t disappointed. He was happy. I wonder why is he so happy of the stupid present? I know that the other gifts are better anyway. I heard the announcer again: “Only one gift will be chosen to be the princes favourite! So let us begin.”
-What the hell?! He has to pick a favourite one?! Oh that’s just sick. –I said to myself
Jake started to open them, leaving mine behind. He got books. A new computer and his dad gave him a car. I was shocked! It seems that he was old enough to get a drivers license. That’s what Andrew told me. And the moment came. He started to open my present. I went to his and stopped him.
-D-Don’t open it. –I whispered to him smiling nervously
-Why? –Jake asked me
-I don’t think you’ll like it.
-Don’t be silly. Now let me open it.
He started opening it. Inside there was a wrist band and a ticket to a basketball match. I saw the people whispering and laughing. I looked down.
-I knew he wouldn’t like it. –I said to myself
Then Jake looked up and said:
-I have chosen a gift! Actually they are two! I chose my dad’s gift and Miss Stone’s gift.
When I heard that he chose my present I was filed with joy. He came to me and said:
-Would the wonderful Miss Stone like to go on a ride with me in the new car?
-Of course my prince –I said giggling
He looked at me annoyed yet smiling. We got in the car and he started to drive.
-So Jake tell me why did you pick my present?
-Are you kidding I’ve been dying to go to this match. And I like the wrist band.
-Oh I see. Well it’s great that you liked them.
-But tell me why only one ticket?
I felt my face turning red.
-Well there are two, but I was hoping that I could go with you. But if you don’t want to I’ll give you the second ticket.
-No I won’t go if you don’t come with me.
-Well I don’t know I just fell a lot more free with you.
I smiled and felt that for the first time I have found a guy friend. We drove for like an hour and went back. He drove me to my house.
-Hey it’s not late, can I come in? –Jake said grinning
-S-Sure. –I replied stuttering
When we got in the house the mess began.
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Part VI
Meet the family

It was the 30th of January, 20:00 p.m. Me and Jake just entered my house. Everyone was home.
-Hey mom, dad, Andrew? You here?
-Hey Gloria you came back. –I heard Andrew call for me and I saw him
Then he started laughing as he was looking at Jake.
-What’s so funny Stone? –Said Jake to him
Then Andrew froze in an instant when he remembered who Jake was A.K.A his boss’s son.
-What’s going on here? –I heard my mom
My mom and dad came to the door and saw Jake. They were stunned.
-Um….Mom, dad this is Jake Cloud. He’s the son of Andrew’s boss.
-Hey don’t introduce me like that. Nice to meet you. You’re daughter is amazing. - Jake said bowing
-D-Don’t say it like I’m your girlfriend, idiot. –I said blushing a little
-So then you’re not Gloria’s…. –my mom said
-See you’re daughter is lying to you now, yes I am.
-WHAT?! No you are not! Don’t make stuff up!
-You want me to prove it?
-What?! Don’t try anything you idiot!
-Now, now, now come in and sit. –my mom had to open her mouth
-Um no he was just leaving, right Jake?
-No I don’t have anything to do anyway. –He said grinning
So we went inside and sat down. My mother served some snacks and drinks. And we started talking. My dad was the first to talk.
-So you aren’t Gloria’s boyfriend?
-Nо I’m not. At least not yet.
-Why the hell do you want to tease me all the time, Jake? What have I done to you?
-What? I’m not teasing you I`m honest. –Jake replied with one closed eye
I sighed but Andrew was laughing. But he was trying to hide it. My parents were just asking questions. And he just kept teasing me. Then suddenly Cloud said:
- Um can I ask a favour? My parents always get me to sleep at a friend’s house. Could I sleep here?
-Ehhhhhhh?!?!?! –I screamed with my face all red
-Um but where will you sleep? There aren’t any beds. –Andrew said
-I guess I could sleep with Gloria since we’re close friends.
-Ehhhhhh?!?!?! –I just repeated myself
-I don’t think that will be proper. –finally my dad said something
-C’mon I won’t do anything, I promise.
-Um…..I don’t think…
Suddenly Jake pulled Andrew’s hand and they went in the kitchen. I got to the door only so I could hear them. I heard Jake’s voice.
-Look if you can get me in the same room as Gloria for the night I’ll talk to dad to promote you
-Ah I don’t know. That sounds great but you and my younger sister in the same room at night? It sounds perverted.
-Oh My God! H-He wants….in the same room! –I said in my head
-Ehhhhhh?!?!?! –I just screamed and ran
I turned my head and saw Jake looking at me as I run. His face was…How should I put it…He was shocked to have seen me run. He must have already found out that I heard them. I went to my room and I just sat there thinking.
-Why? Why is he doing this? –I kept asking myself when I heard a knock on the door.
-Who is it? Get away!
Someone opened the door. It was Jake. I didn’t think that he would come in.
-Why are you in here? It’s dark. Come out. –He said to me
-Why? Why do you keep teasing me like this?
-What? I’m not teasing you.
-I heard you. You want to sleep in my room! Why?
-Well…because we’re close friends and I wanted to get to know you better.
-Tsk…Go away. Go to your apartment or somewhere else! I do not want you here!
Jake looked at me shocked of my words and left. That was the first time that I yelled at him. I didn’t want him to be hurt, but he left me no choice. When we go back to school everything would be different. I knew that perfectly. It was good for me that tomorrow was Sunday so I would have a chance to think. Well we’ll see what tomorrow will bring me. Happiness or Misfortune. I leave it in faith’s hands.
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