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The Vampire's kiss
/An interesting story/

The year was 1900. It was a time when a race-most despicable and dangerous controlled the world. The race was called P.V. It was short for “Pure blood Vampires”. They took over the whole world by sucking people's blood. Want to know what happened? This is the world's story…
My mother kept telling me this story while I was growing up. One day fourteen years ago on a rainy day the ground started to break from underground. Then demons started coming out. Everyone was terrified and ran away. There was a demon that stood out and said:
-We are the royal pure blood vampires from the underground kingdom! I am Lucien 1st –The vampire king!
And with those words the vampires vanished. A couple of days later the king announced that from that day on the new king will be Mister Lucien. The second later the king was killed by the new one. Days passed and King Lucy as they called him wrote new rules for the town. The humans had to sell there children as slaves to get money, but life was actually the same as before. Well all most at least.
Hello everyone I'm Jenny Mascot. Thirteen years old. Next year I am going to be sold to a vampire as a slave. To a duke I think. “A duke” is a title in the demon world for a high class vampire. For a slave the vampires pay a high price to the owners. I had two sisters and a brother, but they were all sold to vampires. I haven't seen them in three years. Everyday day my mother gives me housework to do so that I can be a good slave. I still go to school though. This was going to be my last year. And it was going to be the last to some of my friends too. Every person was sold at a different age. My oldest sister was sold at the age of 16, my second sister was sold at the age of 17 and my brother was sold at 16 years too, because boys were more wanted. I am going to be sold at fourteen. I was going to be the youngest slave ever to be sold. So let me show you a day in my life.
The date is 1st of March 1900… 07:15 a.m.
-School…I hate school. –I said sighing
The school I was attending was a slave school. In my town there wasn't an ordinary school that you learn how to use numbers or how to write. We were taught how to clean and stuff like that.
-Jenny, morning! –A girl yelled
-Hello Mandy. How are you today? –I asked her
That's Mandy Denzel. And she was one of my best friends. Mandy was in my class. Tall 167 and she was 50kg. I was a little taller than her. We knew each other ever since we were babies. Our mothers are good friends.
-So what are the classes today? –She asked me smiling
-I think “moping FB” and “cleaning PR” –I answered
-Like everyday! –We both shouted laughing and walking to the changing room to change into the maid clothes.
-Hey you two don't shout in the hallway. –A teacher said looking at us
-Sorry Mister Clause. –Both of us said again. We were like twins.
That's Mister Clause. He was teaching the boys to be servants. Mister Clause is the most popular teacher in the school. Tall, handsome, wearing glasses that made him look really smart and cool. I think he's around 25 years old without a girlfriend or wife. But every girl in the school was already fallen for him. But I had the Advantage, because he I knew him since I was a little girl. Clause Notre is my brother's friend, but he wasn't sold like the other people, because his parents sent him to work really early.
-Get to class before the bell rings you two. –He said to us holding in his right hand his book.
-Yes sir, thank you. –I said smiling
-Oh and Jenny send my regards to you're parents after school.
-Okay, bye teacher, have a nice day.
-Goodbye ladies.
-You're so lucky to have known Mister Clause from before! –Mandy whispered in my ear.
-You think so? I'm not sure about that. –I said whispering back to her.
-Of course you idiot. Every girl in the school likes him. You're lucky.
-If you say so Mandy.
We went to change and the bell rang. We rushed to class in our “uniforms”. A teacher came in and said that the Miss was sick so there will be a substitute. Then she left. The class started talking and whispering.
-Who do you think will teach us now, Jenny? –Mandy asked me
-How should I know…probably the teacher of class B. –I answered her
Then the door opened. It was Mister Clause! We didn't expect him to be the substitute teacher. The girls went crazy when they saw him. I waved to him and smiled. He saw me and waved back a little. I didn't mind if it was him, because I knew him, but the others…especially the boys, they hated him because he took over every girl's heart.
The day went by like any other day. It was just a minute and the bell for the last lesson to end.
-Phew finally the day is over! –Shelly yelled walking with me outside.
Shelly Matson was my second best friend. I really admired her. She was beautiful, smart, tall and the best in my class. The vampire that has bought her must be a great one.
Let me explain. When a family has a new born child they have to tell the king. When they do that they are signed in a document that permits the selling of the child. Two says later the certain family goes to the center of the town with the baby. There every vampire in town has a good look at the child. If one of them wants to buy it they leave a mark on the hand of the baby. Then when it's time the child to be sold everyone “even the town people” gather around. Then the child that is to be sold raises his or her hand and the vampire that left the mark goes and claims the child. That's how it goes.
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-Yeah. I can’t wait to get home. –Mandy sighed
-I wish that this year would never end. –I said sighing
-Why? –They both asked me
-Well I want to keep being friends with you guys forever. And next year we will be sold.
-We will be friends even after that silly. I will have you two in my heart. –Mandy said smiling.
-Yeah, I’m the same way. So we still will be friends right Jenny? –Shelly asked
-Yes of course! –I yelled and hugged them both.
-Hey Jenny going home? – A male voice yelled towards me
-Huh? Mister Clause. Hello and yes I’m going home. –I said smiling at him
-Can I go with you? We’re the same direction.
-Um…I’m with my friends now and…
-No worries teacher. We were just separating anyway. –Mandy said and she and Shelly ran off.
-Those two… -I sighed -So going home teacher?
-You know you don’t have to call me that when you’re alone.
-Yeah I know, but I just do.
-So next year you’re going to be sold, huh?
-It must be rough when you know that graduation is 1 week a head and New Year is in two days.
-Yeah, but my parents said that there’s nothing to be scared off. The vampire that bought me was a good one.
-I hope so. –Clause said and grinned as we came closer to my house.
-We’re here so good night and see you at school tomorrow. –He said waiving goodbye
-Yes, thank you for walking me home. –I said and went home.
Time passed by like a clock ticks the minutes that pass by. New Year come and went so did the school year. The day for the flower on my right hand to come in use was very near. All of the marks were connected for something. Like the flower on my hand. The vampire that owns me has a leaf on his/hers hand. Mandy has a sun on her hand. Her master must have a moon on theirs. Shelly has rainbow on hers. Her mater must have rain drops on theirs. The day of my birthday had come. It was April 3rd 1900. Today I had to go and be the official maid of some vampire. First I went to my school to get a diploma. Every one of my friends cried for me, even the teachers. I hugged my two best friends tightly and said: “Don’t cry Mandy, Shelly. I’ll be okay.” After that I went home. I hugged my parents and we went off for the center of the town. When we got there I saw many people. For the first time for years I saw my brother and my two sisters. I hugged then tightly. They told me that there’s nothing to be afraid off. They had a wonderful life as servants.
Then King Lucy called my name. All the vampires lined up and I had to walk through, I wanted to see who bought me so much. As I walked I saw a tall and handsome vampire. Around 21 years old. But in vampire years that was 2100 years. I couldn’t see his face though. He was raising his right hand up. On his hand there was a leaf. That was my future vampire master. I ran to him. I saw Mister Clause. Was he my vampire master?! Was he a vampire?!
-Hello there miss maid. –Mister Clause said and laughed -I’m your new master and guardian.
-Mister Notre! –I gasped
-Call me Clause from now on. –He said and kissed the flower on my hand.
-Clause you’re a vampire……?
-Yes. When you were born I had a contract that I would have you as my maid and take care of you. I was your brother’s friend so I did not mind. But when I saw how you grew up into a fine lady I knew that the contract was a wonderful idea.
With those words my breath stopped. I was flattered, but surprised at the same time, because I’d never aspect that Mister Clause was a vampire. Then he suddenly whispered in my ear:
-A kiss from a vampire gives the official start of our “relationship”, did you know that?
-No. –I just said with a blushing face.
Then he kissed me. My first kiss was taken away by the man that I had a crush on for a long time. When he kissed me the mark on my hand disappeared for a second, the second later a leaf was on my hand. Our marks switched. From that day on we lived together. The kiss from a vampire gives power and influence.

The End
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