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Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10

Its Open, Starting now

Texts ......
Borders? (dashed, round, no border) .....
MOD :....
Invite..? ^___^
Pay us: Yes or No..
Pictures: [In SPOILER]
---Give us a good picture, thats large---

We would appreciated if u'd INVITE your friends to Randomious^__^


okies peep.. thanks for comming and joined this group :)
WE and creator very appriciated about it
We'll be responsible and make u guys avis
We'll try my best make it pretty and fast as i can
although its not good as other group.
Anyway... thanks for being patience :)
- U are allow to request TWICE a week
- Use the avi that we make for you
- Comment when u receive ur avi
- DO NOT ask what texture do we use
- If you dont like the avi that we made,
feel free to say, we will fix it.
-u wonder how to pay us... please folo below requirements
(Post on our wall, comments, or uploads 3 random pictures...)
- P.S we are not goin to waste our time to make avi for u guys
when u guys dont use it... its unacceptable.
NOTE: this group needs MOD who could make avi well...
»Apply for mod«

hehe come again ^__^

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