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Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10

As you can see,our group have many members each day.*I hope it can keep going like that*But i bet that most ppl on our group doesn't know much about each other.So this forum is a place where you can talk about urself and ur personalities.I hope you have fun and be friends.:D

Here are some ideas that you can use

1)Hello,my name is........your name
2)I have a nickname too,it is...
3)My age is...
4)My interest is...
5)My favorite color is...
6)My favorite anime is...
7)Some of my favorite songs are...
8)My favorite sport...
9)My favorite drama is...
10)When im bored,i like to...
11)My dream place is...
12)I wish...
13)I like...
14)I cant live without my...
15)My favorite face is...
16)My favorite food is...
17)Im obsess with...
18)Say something random...
Other questions that you make up :D
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Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10

1)Hello,my name is........My
2)I have a nickname too,it is...Reese
3)My age is...15
4)My interest
5)My favorite color,red,black,white,silver,orange,GREEN
6)My favorite anime is...vampire knight,inuyasha,naruto
7)Some of my favorite songs are...I hate you,Nothing but you,Lies,Haru haru,million dollar girl
8)My favorite,
9)My favorite drama is...Loving you a thousand times
10)When im bored,i like to my friends
11)My dream place is...S. Korea
12)I crush could love me</3
13)I be random
14)I cant live without my...crush </3
15)My favorite face is...=D
16)My favorite food is...SUSHI!!!
17)Im obsess with...Bao!!!JK...idk
18)Say something random...My friends gave me some condoms on my 15th birthday,just incase i need it.LOL
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Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/28/10
1)Hello,my name is........Sally
2)I have a nickname too,it is...Shally SyLvia Sal Kim Kate Nana Panda ETC ! xD
3)My age is...15
4)My interest is...singing,reading and coloring
5)My favorite color is... pink, baby blue, black and green
6)My favorite anime is... Bleach , Kiba , .....well mainly romance but for some reasons im starting to like action more xD
7)Some of my favorite songs are... Baby, Amoi, Last christmas, Telephone, etc
8)My favorite sport... o.o sorry i dont like sport xD
9)My favorite drama is... Autumn Concerto, Litre of tears, Kamen Rider ( i cant find the one that was on cr way way before it was removed D: )
10)When im bored,i like to... chat, read my books, or just sing randomly xD
11)My dream place is... in tokyo or china. (: a perfect place for me to get away from usa. becuz so many issues and stuff going on D:
12)I wish... i wish that my family could understand my "True" feelings and not the one where they think its my feelings, i may feel sad and its true that they think it is but dont know the "REAL" meaning to my sadness
13)I like... Sing and color
14)I cant live without my... family,and friends becuz they r very important to me
15)My favorite face is... o.o (: [: x3 xD
16)My favorite food is... chicken!!!!!!!!!!! well its not a food but a meat xD anything chicken is fineee *except poop or pee in it D:*
17)Im obsess with... hmm im not sure actually. right now idk but ill tell later xD
18)Say something random... i like candies cuz cuz they make me hyppperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :D
Posted 4/4/10 , edited 4/4/10

1) Hello, my name is.. Ferda. (:
2) I have a nickname too, it's natsumi (for those who aren't comfortable with my rl name, lol) i don't really have a nickname though, so make me one :D! LOL
3) My age is.. sweeet 16. <3
4) My interest is.. a bunch things! like, drawing, shopping, editing etcetc.
5) My favorite color is.. almost all colors but some of my favs are blue, black, white, gray, purple, green.
6) My favorite anime is.. hmm dunno o.o
7) Some of my favorite songs are.. In My Head by Jason Derulo, Eenie Meenie & Baby by Justin Bieber, Try To Follow Me by 2ne1, Lollipop 2 by BigBang.
8) My favorite sports are.. basketball, dodgeball, skating, soccer? etc.
9) My favorite drama is.. Shining Inheritance (kdrama) <3
10) When im bored,i like to.. post on forums, chat, draw, take pics!
11) My dream place is.. heaven, lol. Nah it'd be these countries: Japan, Korea, China, USA &muchmore.
12) I wish.. éveryone could accept the way I am.
13) I like.. to be hyper/crazy/random !
14) I cant live without my.. family, friends and those others I care for. </3
15) My favorite face is.. ''xD''
16) My favorite food is.. mostly chicken, lol xD andd i like rice but i just love alot of food, ughh.
17) I'm obsess with.. hmmm who noes?
18) Say something random.. I LOVE YEW!
Posted 4/4/10 , edited 4/4/10
1)Hello,my name is........Ebone♥
2)I have a nickname too,it is...Rican♥
3)My age is...14 years young♥
4)My interest is...Poems♥
5)My favorite color is...Purple^^
6)My favorite anime is...Inuyasha and Naruto Shippuden♥
7)Some of my favorite songs are...Catch Me ;; Rude Boy ;; BlahBlahBlah ;; The Only Exception♥
8)My favorite sport...VolleyBall♥
9)My favorite drama is...My♥
10)When im bored,i like to...Write Poetry♥ ;; Music♥
11)My dream place is...Canada!!^^
12)I wish...I can find the right guy XP
13)I and frannds♥...lolzz
14)I cant live without my...PoemBook♥
15)My favorite face is...O_o...[ haha ]
16)My favorite food is...Chinese♥
17)Im obsess with...YEW[ J.K.]
18)Say something random...I cried at the end of tarzan...><
Posted 4/4/10 , edited 4/5/10
1) Hello,my name is Phi
2) I have a nickname too,it is Yoohee or Fe
3) My age is 16
4) My interest is drawing, listening to music, crunchy, doing photoshop
5) My favorite color is blue
6) My favorite anime is VAMPIRE KNIGHT
7) Some of my favorite songs are Im a loner, easy and mystery by B2ST
8) My favorite sport... Badminton
9) My favorite drama is... Hmmm Smile, you,
10 ) When im bored,i like to... [b]go to crunchyroll, make graphics, chat with cuzin :]
11) My dream place is a romance place with my future boyfriend
12) I wish I could see lee jun ki
13) I like to do photoshop
14) I cant live without my parents
15) My favorite face is O.O n :] n :O n ^__^
16) My favorite food is Orange Chicken
17) Im obsess with Lee Jun Ki, and Zero Kiryu
18) Say something random OMGGG i would faint if i see LEE JUN KI in real life, and wave at me..
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Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/6/10
1)Hello,my name is........Bao
2)I have a nickname too,it is...baaaaaaaaaa ( sheep sound , baby cousin calls me that )
3)My age is...16
4)My interest is...Music,sports,drawing,reading,acting,dancing,friends & family..\
5)My favorite color,green,grey,black,white,maroon,&grey.
6)My favorite anime is...Wild Ones, Love Attack,&etc.
7)Some of my favorite songs are...Ride To california,Try TO FOllow me,Insomnia,ting mama de hua,some jjlin song,Weeeeeeek,its you,super girl,&etc.
8)My favorite,wake-boarding,wake-skate,tennis,basketball,baseball,soccer,swimming,track & cross country,crew & etc.
9)My favorite drama is...1 litre of tears.
10)When im bored,i like,sleep,hang out, play hide in seek in ikea,talk to my friends,computer,read,draw,&etc.
11)My dream place is...anywhere in asia,visit my family over in asia.
12)I wish...i could see my great grandma once again
13)I be me
14)I cant live without my...everything
15)My favorite face is...=]
16)My favorite food is...idk
17)Im obsess with...anything that interests me
18)Say something random...Im Going To Play Hide In Seek In Ikea This Saturday With 15+ of my friends.
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Posted 6/22/10 , edited 6/23/10
1)Hello,my name is........Jessica
2)I have a nickname too,it is...bebé, nana,shorty, loca and so many more
3)My age is...19
4)My interest is...too many to write.....just love try new things
5)My favorite color, red, white, and blue
6)My favorite anime is...skip beat
7)Some of my favorite songs are...too many to write down
8)My favorite
9)My favorite drama is...hana dango yori and devil beside you
10)When im bored,i like to...sleep
11)My dream place the world or the beach
12)I be successful
13)I like...have fun
14)I cant live without my...mp3/i pod
15)My favorite face is...
16)My favorite food is...cereal
17)Im obsess drama/movies
18)Say something random...aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm okay
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Posted 7/15/10 , edited 7/15/10
1)Hello,my name is........ Anna Patricia
2)I have a nickname too,it is... Rina, Pat. Patty, An, Tricia, Ann, Anna, Patrick
3)My age is... 22
4)My interest is... Drawing, Writing, Net-surfing, Household Chores, Schoolwork.
5)My favorite color is... Any
6)My favorite anime is... Any
7)Some of my favorite songs are... Too Many, i'm into Asian Pop Music right now.
8)My favorite sport... Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer
9)My favorite drama is... The Hospital (Bai Se Ju Tua), Hana Kimi (Japanese Edition), Eternity (A Chinese Ghost Story), High Kick
10)When im bored,i like to... Surf the net or do household chores
11)My dream place is... Taiwan or Japan
12)I wish... SECRET!
13)I like... Anime, Super Sentai, Toku, Shabby Chic, Vintage
14)I cant live without my... Cellphone, MP3 Player, Anime & Toku toys & stuff, DVD's, Pocky & Lots more!
15)My favorite face is...
16)My favorite food is... Any.
17)Im obsess with... Anything related to either Ateneo De Manila University &/or De La Salle University.
18)Say something random... Hello?
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