Is she cute or not?
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10
Wat do you think?

Vote!!!!!!!!Tell us if you did vote or not!!

Every week,we'll post one person that volunteer on show how hawt u are*click the orange word below*,but tell us if you want to be a volunteer or not,then you can vote.

BTW!!!!Please send us one extra picture of you!!!!!

----->Volunteer to be on here<-----

Position:Rawr Co-Randomious

About me:I'm random but love to learn new friends.Im a straight forward person so if i say something bad then sorry.Um....I'm mostly on msn and crunchyroll.I have a facebook and myspace.^^ I dont go on it much.I loved to HACKED friends and family on cr.UM...thats pretty all for now.:D

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