How is your heart?
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10
What relationship are you?

Tell us what's going on in your heart! Are you taken? Single? Lost? Confused? Crushing on someone? Write how you feel hereeee!
I'll Start: I'm madly in love with Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN.
>I was crushing on this one guy from my history class but it turns out he has a girlfriend already! >.<
>I'm missing someone....
>single and loving it
>on the lookout for that someone special....
>in a relationship with ____________.

Don't be shy and tell us!
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Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10

> obsess and in love with someone...but i am totally lost if i really love him or my feelings change for him.
>I am totally lost about love
>Someone love me but i keep rejecting their feelings
>I really need to move on
>I cried because of him but he doesnt know how i really feel
>What the point of loving if i keep having bitterness
>Love is something i hate to experience
>But im a lil happy that im single
>But i miss to have a bf...i should look for someone who like me =P
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Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/28/10
>I am heartbroken like yesturday
> I dont get why he use me like that
> I need someone that cares, understand and know exactly what happen to me.
> i think love is only painful if u chose the wrong person to fall in love with :/
> I think i should move on in another month D: cuz well i got dumped yesturday which is painful
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