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First & foremost i wanna say i own NOTHING. Nada. Cero.

Ideas/fanfics go to its rightful owner(s) ,
on FanFiction.Net

#1 FIC
(c) Orihara Izaya on FanFiction.Net xD
....ironic huh =w=

Do you believe in luck, misfortune, coincidences, fate, karma, nemesis, destiny…? Do you believe in destiny?

Do you believe in faith, hate, antipathy, fondness, love…? Do you believe in love?

Dreams, hopes, cries, pain, honestly, dishonesty, despair happiness, faith, doubt-dilemma-fear-confidence-assurance… Where are we going?

"She is strange…"
"Huh, I heard her mumble to her self a couple of times now…"
"It feels like she is cursing someone, doesn't it?"
"It does…"
"Anyway, shall we go to karaoke next?"

Where are we going? Where are we going? Hopes, shutter dreams, living, breathing, touching, feeling. Why? What's the point? Life has… no real colours…


Walking up, sleeping, eating, working, walking, running… Going from place to place, for no apparent reason, because we have a life to spend…

"Yoshida Yukari-chan…"
"Eh? Who are you?"
"I-I'm Motto-san, from your classroom."
"Ah, the class rep."
"Yes, that's right," she said smiling.

Long brown hair, a warm smile, a slender body, long legs, big eyelashes… Beautiful… Really beautiful…

"I think that you shouldn't be standing in the rain like this."
"Attractive, beautiful, charming, pretty, lovely…"
"Eh? Yoshisa-san?" the girl blinked watching her mumbling.

Middle-length black hair, they falling into her face all the time despite her attempts to pull them away. You could say that her round, big eyes could be her only attractive point if they weren't looking aimlessly to random directions, like they were empty. Her height; average, one shock was always lower than the other. She was always hiding her hands into her sleeves. The only thing which could draw attention was her eccentric stare.

"I don't think she will listen to you."
"Just forget it, Rinko-chan…" a girl said pulling her away.

People, faces, names, identities… Me, you, they…

"If I touch you, will you feel me? No. If you touch me, will I feel you? Probably, not. Humans are social animals, not quite…"

A faint smile appeared on her lips, her eyes moved from one passerby to another. Wages of people were moving around her every day, pointlessly, with no meaning. A grey wage. Day after day… non-stop…

"People are gray…They paint their selves with that colour because it's simply convenient …"

You could say that her eyes were full of curiosity, but on the other hand you could say that she was empty of thoughts. That smile looked fake, forced, it made the muscles of her lips to contract spasmodically; her expression was more like something between madness and sanity.

"We're leading a boring life, with no meaning. Moving and moving… Not caring… People are scary, people are monsters… I really dislike humans… Dislike… despise… loath…" she mumbled staring at the ground.

"I love them…"
"Love them…" she repeated with a faint voice.

He voice sounded more like an echo, her eyes widened a bit more. Her head turned slowly, her eyelashes flapped lethargically. Her moves were slow, like she was obliged to make them rather than she really wanted to make them.

"People are interesting…"

Black hair, bloody brown eyes and a plastered smirk on his face. He was wearing a black funny coat. He was standing few steps away, with her hands into his pockets. Titling his head slightly to the side, he raised an eyebrow.

"That's why I love them…" he concluded.
"Strange young man…"
"Eh? Am I that strange? Shouldn't I be more like the handsome stranger or something like that? What an awful way to describe me."

He was making funny moves, moving his coat along with his hands. His hairs were glued on his forehead and cheeks due to the rain, while water drops were dripping from their tips. His laugh was clear, despite the sound of the falling rain. His head fell slightly back as he was laughing.

"Your coat is funny, your moves are funny."
"Hey, what a mean thing to say to a stranger. And here I thought that you looked like an innocent highschooler. That's why I say people are interesting." he said leaning forward.

"What is it? You haven't run away yet. Did I catch your attention? Oh, don't tell me… Do you find me interesting?"

Those eyes weren't clear, yet even though you couldn't tell what he was thinking by looking at them, they still looked quite daring. They were looking straight into hers, like they wanted to pierce her soul, or that's what she thought.

She wasn't the smartest person in the world, but she could tell, she knew, that fact that she hadn't left by that time and the fact that she was talking to a strange stranger, putting them together, they weren't the brightest thing to do. Nevertheless, she didn't run…

"Oh, that's right! I haven't introduced my self yet. My name is Orihara Izaya."

Who are you? No… More like, what are you? Which colour are you? That's right. Which colour are you?

"Orihara… Izaya-san… That's a strange name…"
"Is it that strange?"
"What about yours?"
"Your name."

My name… How it was again? It's almost like it was forgotten. Aren't we supposed to treasure it?

"Yoshida Yukari-chan."
"Ah, that's a plain one. How should I call you? Yuka-chan? Or Kari-chan? Or maybe… Yori-chan?"
"You see, we take the "Yo" from Yoshida and the "Ri" from Yukari. Yori-chan."
"Isn't that a completely different name?"
"It's not like you'll be called like that by anyone else than me… Besides, should you really care how you a stranger calls you? … Why so serious, Yori-chan?"

A calming voice, a strange aura, a confident look… Few simple words, with no special meaning, an unexpected move…

"Anyway, I was wondering why a girl is standing in the rain, mumbling to her self. Despite that fact that it looked kind of interesting, it doesn't look right, does it? … Here, this funny coat can be kind of useful."

His coat above her head and a playful smirk as a reply to her confused look… Some people have their way to enter one 's self easily.

"Thank you…"

It's warm, even though the coat barely touches the skin… And it feels strange… In this gray wave… I wonder… Why are you the only one… painted with colours?

#2 FIC

(c) Killer Socks [LOL!] on FanFiction.Net

Orihara Izaya watched the T.V., clearly amused. He had heard his sisters talk about this a lot. Pokémon, they called it. Genetically mutated animals, he called it; for example, Squirtle. Turtle, but mutated; his name also sounded like squirrel. And although this all seemed so farfetched to any regular 23 year old, Izaya was amazed.

"What imagination humans have," he mumbled to himself, musing about the show. His mind focused on a specific Pokémon, Jigglypuff. It went about, putting people to sleep with its melodic voice, and would later fume because everyone would fall asleep. Their punishment; doodles on their face would be found when they awoke.

Izaya loved that Pokémon. In fact, he loved it so much, that he decided that he would follow in his footsteps. Smirking, he closed the T.V., and stepped outside to a balcony.

"I wonder," he smirked, letting the wind blow his hair away from his face. "Does Shizzy like Pokémon?"


Light pierced through the blinds, and landed on the blonde male. He groaned as his alarm started ringing.


He slammed it to pieces. Gonna have to get another one, again. He thought to himself as he got up. Looking around his room, he saw a faint shadow under his left eye. He rubbed it, trying to clear his vision. The black shadow had now smudged to his hand. What the fuck?

He scrambled to his washroom, stumbling upon discarded items that were left carelessly. Opening the light, he groaned once more because of the piercing light. When he looked at the mirror, he realized what the shadow was.

Black marker.

A thick black marker drew a circle around his left eye, and a vending machine on the right cheek. On his neck, was a signature. His veins popped up as his palms tightened.



People were giving hesitant looks, and mothers were putting their children behind themselves as everyone watched a fuming Shizuo pass the streets with caution. He was obviously pissed off; just ask the guy he threw out of the car.

The marker hadn't completely washed off, a faint mark would still be noticed where Izaya drew. He whipped his head left and right, determined to find Izaya.

"Oi, Shizzy, nice look you got there," Shizuo heard a cocky voice yell. His eye twitching, he slowly looked above him, to see the man in the furry coat. One day, he'd punch him out of that coat and feed it to the dogs.

And then, the normal routine came in to play; he scrunched his cigarette, threw it to the ground, stomped on it mercilessly and found the heaviest object there was. Then, he carelessly threw it at Izaya, and he easily avoided it, and came down to his height, in his hand, his switchblade reflecting the light.

"What the hell is with the damn marker? This is the dumbest thing you've done," Shizuo screamed, clenching his teeth. He was only rewarded with a smirk.

"Poor Shizzy, always so angry, you should lighten up and watch some Pokémon once in a while," Shizuo cocked an eyebrow, confused at his implication. "Bye." Izaya quickly ran into the crowd, letting Shizuo chasing him. By the time Shizuo got to a clear sidewalk, he was gone.



Later that night, Shizuo was sitting on his couch, flipping channels around. His attention stopped to a specific channel. It was Pokémon; and Jigglypuff. They were showing a re-run of the Jigglypuff episode. Shizuo shot up, carefully examining the T.V. His eyes narrowed.

"That bastard, copying such a retarded thing as Pokémon," he paused, watching it slowly. His attention came to a blue turtle, Squirtle. His 'trainer' commanded his to use a water blast, and a jet like force of water shot out of his mouth. His frown turned into a menacing grin.

Play that way, will you?


The nest day, Izaya was found roaming the streets, just looking to observes humans, or annoy the hell out of Shizuo, but before any of that was going to happen, a vending machine was on target right at Izaya's face. Sighing, he quickly dodged it, and looked ahead of him, watching Shizuo lean against a fire hydrant.

"Aw, Shizzy pants got here before I did," Izaya smirked. Shizuo's eye twitched at the nickname, but stayed his ground.

"I took your advice," Shizuo smirked. Izaya's smirked dropped into confusion.

"And that would be?"

"Well, I took a seat on my couch, and flipped around the channels," he paused, as he propped himself away from the hydrant. "And I learned a new move."

"What might that be?" Izaya yawned.

Shizuo's smirked widened. He placed both hands on the hydrant, and slowly, wriggling it, it began to rise. Izaya narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, water shot up from the removed hydrant, splashing the tips of Shizuo's dirty blonde hair. He took out a garbage can, took the lid, and placed it horizontally from the water, causing it to aim for Izaya.

Izaya's eyes widened as the water pounded his chest, letting him fly backwards. Shizuo stepped away from the water, and gazed at Izaya, his coat dragging on his skin, and his hair sticking close to his face.

"What. The. Hell?!" Izaya shouted. Shizuo smirked, advancing closer to him.

"Squirtle," Izaya's eyes widened.


Shizuo smirked, picking him up by his shirt and throwing his switchblade away from him.

"Water blast, bitch."
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"Water Blast, Bitch."

Still makes me laugh |D
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