the remnants of akatsuki hideout
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Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/28/10
the remnants of akatsuki are ploting their revenge on the shinobi world! their was once a group called akatsuki many years ago in the 4th shinobi war. they were destroyed by the shinobi of that time. but the one great hero was naruto uzumaki the name that is tabood to all remnants of akatsuki! now they are plotting to gain not the tailed beasts but all kinds of things like the sharingan or byakugans (dojutsu) and tailed beasts. also they are not trying to revive the juubi they are trying to absorb all chakras possible!!!
they are recruiting all shinobi willing to come and do the bidding of the remnants of akatsuki.
they also have another goal.
the other goal is to find the great manbi!!!!!! the 10000 tailed beast, he holds all knowledge and has no vessle, he takes the form of a pheonix or dragon depending on his mood wise or rage.
they do not want to absorb the manbi all they want to do is find out knowledge of the shinobi world, to shift the tides of battle!

this is the begining of the end!!!!
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