DRRR Story [?]
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/28/10

Title: Drrr story [?] ...LOL YEAH... thats a fail namee! I shall think of one that suits this story... soon XwX
Author: Kokochii :D.
Pairing: My OOC Aika // Orihara Izaya <3
Genre: Supernatural, Action, Romance
Warnings: Use of language, Violence =w=
Desc: The city lured Aika here, the strange feeling stirred in her guts, what was it? Excitement for the big bad Ikebukuro, Tokyo? Of danger and gangs? It was an interesting place with interesting people.

A Rainy Day
The girl woke up on her bed, looking around curiously in her bedroom.

Outside her window, the humans moved around in commute, everyone seemed their utmost happiest these days.

The season of Spring. The smell, the sight, the pure delight of watching the petals falling from the trees, the children holding each others' hands, dancing, singing a happy tune for spring.
The birds... also singing.

The flowers in bloom bringing their own bloom into each persons' eyes... people really were so easily fixated by the smallest of things.

She had been starting Middle School in the spring, and today was her first day. To her right, she looked at an old picture of her parents holding her in their arms, and next to that one, her Dad dressed in his business attire, holding her up on his shoulders, the girl smiling when the picture was taken.

Those were the days she would call ‘utmost happiness.’

Now, all she sees outside through her eyes is a gray and ugly world, rain falling constantly. The forecast forever... rain.

She wanted to just get away from it all, everything. Her foster mother was nice, yes, but she could never compare to her birth mother. She had tried giving her the benefit of the doubt many times, but when she looked at her foster mother, all she saw was a fake imitation of what she'd lost.

Granted, she was grateful to her. More grateful than she lets on.

When she walked down the stairs she noticed her foster mother waiting for her beside the stair case, looking eager for her first day of middle school. She walked down in her gloomy fashion, her foster mother still continued to smile.

“Good morning, Aika. How did you sleep?”
“That’s good...” The mother watched her foster daughter reach the bottom of the stairs.

The awkward conversation in dialogue always went along that way, but maybe because she had always tried to avoid conversations that lasted longer than two minutes.

They ate a quite breakfast together, the sound of forks clinking against the plates was the only thing Aika could hear. The only thing she wanted to hear.

She got up and her foster mother followed, they headed to the front door.

“Have a good first day of school... I love you... Aika.”

Love. She had always wondered how it was like to love another other than herself- saying she loved herself. But for her to truly love someone else, she had to love herself. But the woman standing before her was her foster mother. Someone who really cared for her and tried her best.

The foster mother opened the door for her, it was pouring hard rain outside. It matched Aika's gloomy attitude.

“It’s raining.....” Aika mumbled softly, stepping through the door purposely to get wet.

The foster mother looked mystified. “Aika...? The sun is out, it’s warm out today...”

Aika stopped and stared at her foster mothers face, In the sun, Aika finally realized for the first time how beautiful her foster mother was.

It was indeed a perfect spring day, so why did she see a gloomy wet morning?

“I love you, too...” The words seemed to have came from no where, and suddenly a pair of loving arms wrapped around her.
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