10th Anniversery of the Great Tornado of Fort Worth Tx
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Hey Guys, I want to tell you a Story that really happen to me 10 Years ago and the rest of This City has Never Seen Before and Changed The Town and Myself Forever, its a story about an real actual event of a Major Storm and This Storm was like The End Of Days, and i live to tell about it, They Call it: The Great 2000 Fort Worth Tornado, Very Dramatic. oh and also this sunday (march 28, 2010) marks its 10th anniversery

March 28, 2000, Fort Worth TX

As i Remebered it (its abit messy) I was 8 Years Old at the time, at around 6:00 P.M. i was at Home comming out from school and it was like any other day but there were some onominous clouds comming in, very dark clouds, i was inside the house in my room watching my favorite cartoons, when suddenly Sirens began to Alarm the Whole Neighborhood, then the news came on on had said that the entire county (cause tx has different county and ours was tarrant) was issued a Tornado Warning and i started to panic and check and see if my parents were ok. i checked outside of how the situation is, all i saw was a huge gust of wind blowing very hard and the skys filled into darkness in the front yard with heavy raid poured heavily. my parents and i started to group in the living room and prey that nothing willl happen and hope for the the best the storm subsides, but then something was wrong. Around that time when we were in the living room close together, we experianced a seismic activity right under my feet and things around the room started to shake abit with thunderous thunder roaring close distance with heavy rain dropping so hard the we though that the roof would callapse on us but it somehow hold it together, the rain still continue to pour hard and the sirens are still alarming louder as we still stick together in the living room holding hands and wait til it subsides. when the rain suddenly comes into a close we thought the storm has passed and moved out in our spot area but we were wrong, we went outside and a Bright and Shiny Light lit the Entire Sky like if it were in the Sun Fire and also the mess around us a really a Huge Pile of garbage, the wind still blowing hard and the sirens were still going and we didn't see no tornado, just bright sun on the front yard, then i ran inside the house and check my backyard and there i saw the most scariest thing i never seen, a Huge Dark Black Funnel Cloud Ripping apart buldings miles away from us with sparks from the electricity pole and debri flying and i started to shake so hard i scream to my parents to Take Cover in the Bathtub and cover it with a matress, we did so an we grab the closest matress ran toward the bathroom and took cover as all of us was in a fast pace and hope the tornado i saw didn't come and hit my house. i felt Heavy Thunder and Loud Sirens keeps continuing to roar the entire neighborhoods, 15 mins later the storm had finally subside, my dad eventually took the matress above us and everyhitn around seemed fine. we checked in our rooms and everything was in peace except some things have fell like our frames and small objects. we then check outside to see the damage was and what we saw was even worser then the first, alot of debri has surrounded in everyones yards, trees shredded and fallen, cars windows shaddered, powers out every single hosue as the day turns into night, we tuned in into our radios in the car to check the status around what was happening and thats when we heard that a tornado did infact touch down and hit the downtown area (which was 5 miles away from my backyard) and destroyed many buildings and damage downtown, thats the last thing i know from my point, but the last thing i remebered was the image of how destructive the size of that tornado was, A HUGE BLACK FUNNEL CLOUD TOUCHING DOWN AND SEEING AHOLE BUNCH OF DEBRI and also The Bright Light that i thought its the end of the world, luckly we were safe and i was there to experiance and witness an historic storm event that i could ever remeber, bigger then 9/11 cause it was before, so thats all i could say and yet it was pretty dramatic if you want to see how it was look below here, theres a video of how it was, 10 years men long enough to remeber but so ends my story hope in many years ahead i will live to tell to others in the future ^^



The tower you see called the Bank one Tower was on the the Most Damaged ones and it was very hard to look at:

Aftermath Part 1 - March 28, 2000 Tornado Fort Worth, Texas

Aftermath Part 2 - March 28, 2000 Tornado Fort Worth, Texas

Aftermath Part 3 - March 28, 2000 Tornado Fort Worth, Texas
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...There was a Tornado in Texas?
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^ lol.
That must've been scary for you ):</3
Glad your a-okay :^D
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Lol I can imagine that good idea for the bath tub lol and still seems like a horrifying experience all I would do is pray and read my religious book like mad and keep calling out prayers like mad.
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I remember that!!! They had to close off downtown Ft. Worth because after the tornado hit, there were bank documents all over the streets, lots of sensitive information.

Hey!!!! What do a Tornado and a Texas divorcee have in common???

In the end they both get the trailer!!! Haaaa

Sorry, just a little Texas tornado humor. I grew up in Dallas / Fort Worth and have had the unusual experience of watching the skies turn a pea green, having giant balls of ice fall from a summer sky and heard the sirens and seen the funnel cloud in the distance. In Texas they say "if you don't like the weather, stick around, it'll change soon." Our spring storms are spectacular to say the least. USAJR, glad you and your family made it through ok. It sure was a bad one.
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