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The building was quiet and the constant, never changing ticking of the clock was all that was heard. The white walled hallways stretched like and endless maze. If you didn’t know your way around you could have gotten yourself easily lost because it all looked the same. If you did get lost you would sometime find yourself back at the floors’ lounge and your appointment would have been missed. In the maze of white and closed doors ‘Work Room 2’ had a paper sign on it that read, ‘OJ FOREVER!’ in orange felt and underneath that there were scribbles in different colors and writing styles, ‘クッキーを盗まれない(Don’t steal the Cookies!)’ in red. ‘BRING DA’ BEAT!!’ in blue. ‘I’ll be the Moon and you the Sun lets light up this world.’ in yellow. ‘Wenn ich singen konnte mehr als tausend Worte’ in black. That was followed by the comments, ‘Why in German RASPY?’ ‘Shut up BJ!’ Then the other comments were, ‘I can strike HIGH On mY Violin!!!’ in purple and ‘The Martian was here’ in Green. The sign had been written by the members of the band behind the door. Usually the room was filled with laughter and hysterical noise but today it was as quiet as a cemetery. The members sat on a zebra striped couch and were staring intensely at their manager Vivian who wore a grimace on her face. She spoke calm and clear with little hesitation, “Marionette Michael, Lovely Hide, Street BJ, Mr. J Martian, BriteSide Eden, and H2O Aari... I’m sorry...but....”

Chapter1: Perfect Puzzle Pieces Please People
The sun was shining in the mid afternoon making the concrete hot under the feet of the humans that walked upon it. Clouds in the sky made no difference easing the heat from earths ground, and the yellowing grass was twisted in clumps at the edges of the side walk. Even though it was an October day the sun seemed not to realize that it was not summer anymore and it should not be making its presence so clear to passerbies. Maybe it was due to global warming and the green house effect. The earth heating rapidly due to human’s idiocy of waste and usage of things that are detrimentally harming the Earth. Not like this tidbit of information is going to stop humans from using the luxuries of their home and go back to cave man years. Humans are too smart and lazy to go back to the days when you had to work for your food, Fast food rules, thumbs up for society. Or maybe they’re stupid for thinking being a sheep and following a herd will get them somewhere instead of using their big brain and conserving a little... then again it’s too much trouble. Plus Global Warming is a joke anyway. Just ask the Sun.
The sound of the strings of an acoustic guitar sounded on the third level of the apartment “Sunny Days.” The room was #450, and the four was hanging upside down because the screw had fallen out and magically disappeared in the hallway. The black door with the chrome handle had missing paint in certain places but it was hardly noticeable or that is what he told Jake. Jake was the owner of the room 450 and he, Aari, was the one visiting, strumming his acoustic by the window. He hit simple cords as he stared down bellow at the people, who wished for air conditioning or a fan. Humming a choppy tune quietly to himself he made sure not to bother Jake who was tapping away on a computer. Aari adjusted the pillow that was propped up behind his back and against the wall. He glanced at Jakes back from the corner of his eye. Jakes broad back was straight and ridged as he continued to type up a paper that was due on the Friday coming. Jake worked at the cities daily Newspaper Company and he was trying to make the cover page with his current story. Aari smelt the smoke of tobacco. Jake had lit a cigarette and its pungent and sickening smell entered his nose. He hated cigarettes and Jake said he was trying to quite by going cold turkey. It seemed by the current situation he was doing well... Aari glared at Jakes back as he swore at his computer. “So how’s your story going Jake?”
“It was going fine till you broke my concentration,” Jake didn’t turn around to speak to him.
“Sorry about that,” Aari laughed quietly out of annoyance. He strummed another note and went back to looking at his reflection in the windows glass.
The sound of silence followed by Jakes voice caught Aari ear instantly, “Well since it has been broken how about we go out for dinner? We haven’t done that in a while.” He turned and smiled at Aari. Aari looked at Jakes brown eyes and fine featured face that had been worn from the lack of sleep and too much caffeine.
“As long as you don’t mind paying, I got fired again.” He looked at his guitar smiling, recalling how he had got fired.
Jake stood up and rubbed his head making his messy brown and blue chunked hair messier, “of course you did, I’m use to it.”
“Jake...” He looked at him calmly.
“You should shave you look like a scruffy old man who lives in Draculas Castle waiting to die an gory death.” He said straight faced making Jakes eyebrows raise high to his forehead.
“Where so you get those ideas, Dracula’s Castle? I thought you liked me scruffy...” Jake joked.
“Not really...”
“You’re so serious Air.” Jake walked away to the bathroom and his bedroom.
Aari watched him go, then when he was out of sight he looked out the window again strumming his red acoustic, “Break me down... swallowed... swallowed into insanity....”
The night always brought a frost that froze the bones and chilled the soul. Dressing in layers would be the ideal thing if you didn’t want to become a human Popsicle but there are certain people that will be a Popsicle for looks. Walking down the alley to a local pub that Jake took him to often, Aari spotted the girls in Glam as he called them. They were in there short skirts, perfect scene hair and coatless standing on the street laughing it up and sharing a fag. As they walked by, a hot bleach blonde looked Jake up and down while she blew smoke. Aari ignored the bimbo and entered the building stepping down and into the pub. He got checked for age as he took a table. He was use to this because he looked young for his age and how he presented himself surely didn’t help. His spiked caramel brown hair with the navy blue chunks on the right side of his bangs also left side head and black long sides made him look sixteen. Also the fact he was wearing coal coloured eyeliner around his eyes didn’t help. He fiddled with his left side lip ring as Jake took a seat across from him. He took off his leather coat and unzipped his checker hoodie getting comfortable; his guitar leaned on the chair beside him. Jake made himself pleasant as well by removing his long coat that he wore over his dress shirt and pants. A round of drinks was ordered and Aari decided to have himself a burger and fries. There was a band on the stage that caught Aari’s eye as they sang and played out a retched song. The following bands didn’t seem much better a couple were even worse. The sound of Jakes glass being set down on the table and the crowd cheering brought him back to earth and he picked up a fry. “Are you ok Aari? You haven’t drunk anything and barely eaten.”
“I’m fine,” He munched on salty fry’s, “Just entranced by the crappy music.” He looked up smiling, “I think my ears are bleeding.” Aari noticed a glance from another table not too far away. A black haired Asian kid was eyeing him; it was obvious he heard what Aari had said. Ignoring the guy he bit into his sloppy and juicy burger.
“Hey, I see you got a guitar there, did you sign up?” a large tender smiled at him with his beady eyes.
“For what?” He swallowed.
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I like it I'm gonna keep reading it ^^
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“Aari its amateur night, so all amateur bands and singers are performing so they will be recognized. Also there is a job position open here.” Jake took a slug of his bourbon on rocks.
“Fine sign me up, I want the job,” He turned to the tender.
“Sure what is your name or what would you like to go by fella’?”
“Air is fine.” The tender nodded and walked away seeming pleased with himself.
“It’s been a month since the band broke up. Aren’t you rusty with your singing?”
Aari took a drink of his Screwdriver smiling, “Just because the band broke up doesn’t mean I don’t sing.”
The Asian made his quick, sharp voice heard by interjecting, “You really can sing with that Raspy voice?”
Áari looked at the pretty faced Asian with the long side swept bangs, “Tell me what you think after I perform.” The drinks piled up on their small table as the night dragged on. Most of the drinks were Jakes because he didn’t like getting drunk and barfing his brains out and having a headache the next day. He reduced himself to orange juice and water.
“And our last Performance of the night is Air! Give a big hand for em’!” The crowd clapped weakly as Aari walked up to the stage guitar case in hand. He unzipped his case and took out his guitar, and then he sat himself down on the stool in front of the mic.
“Good evening.” He strummed his guitar adjusting the tone, “I promise I won’t let you down...” Not that he thought that any of the drunkards would care if he did or not. “Broken down... Forever in pieces I swear I did not know you had fallen so far. When you asked me if there was a light at the end, I didn’t know what you meant and I’m sorry. For all the Trouble and Lies. The pain that you despised. When you broke down and swallowed your pride. Then you asked is it alright if you stay a while longer. And I’m sure... it’s alright.” He Placed the cords with the lyrics, and the son with the tune. Out of thin air he came up with lyrics and sung as hard and powerful as he could. The crowd meant nothing to him, the cheers he drowned with his voice and he ended with his voice raised to the sky. The time which he sung seemed to have never existed like a dream he had forgotten the moment and as he left the stage he saw people in awe as well as the Asian guy whose mouth touched the ground.
“That was superb as usual Aari boy.” Jake’s drunk laugh carried through the bar.
“Jake I think it’s time to go home...” grabbed his jacket and drank the last of his water.
“Oh come Aari, Let’s stay, have some fun” He winked at him. Aari felt an urge to smack him run through his body like a volt of electricity. Holding his cool he kicked Jakes foot and gave him the ‘let’s go now!’ look. Jake hesitantly stood up to his feet. “Fine fine.”
Pushing open the door open he warmed Alberta’s frigid night. He shivered for a second as he got use to the sudden temperature change. He could almost see his breath but it wasn’t quite that cold yet. “Damn it’s cold...”
“You sure got a lot of applause back there and not to mention you might get the job, they asked me for your number while you were on stage,” Jake leaned on him.
“You gave it to them?” Aari shook his head staring at his feet as he stepped forward into the night that was brightened by a full moon.
“Wait! Do you have a band? Can I join? I’m a good drummer.” The Asian guy appeared behind them like a ninja. He was breathing heavily; Aari guessed he had run from the bar to catch up. He was shorter than Aari originally thought he was. Aari guessed he had along torso which made him appear taller when sitting.
“You were that impressed? Fine, I need a drummer and I want to know how good you are.”
“HONTO? Arigouto!!! Ahhh.. I meant thank you. Names Hideki Sato, nice to meet you,” he held out his hand. His dark brown, black eyes were smiling at him.
“It’s no problem, my names Aari Ritter. Well I got to go, Oyasumi Hideki-kun.” He turned to leave the baffled Hideki Sato staring at him.
Jake unlocked his door and they took off their shoes. Aari went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and Tylenol for Jake who followed him and wrapped his arms around his waist.
“What are you doing Jake?” He turned around still in Jakes grasp with water in hand.
“What does it look like?” He leaned in to kiss him and Aari put the glass in front of his face to stop him, “Take a Tylenol, get some sleep and sober up. I got to go home so I’ll see you later ok?” He got out of Jakes grasp as Jake took the water and Tylenol. “Why are you so cold all the time Aari?”
“I’m not cold all the time and right now you’re drunk out of your tree.” Aari slipped on his shoes, picked up his guitar and opened the door, “Good night Jake, thanks for the fun day.” Right before the door clicked shut behind him he heard the words, ‘Fuck you kid.’
Aari didn’t look back and went straight past the elevators to the stairs and walked down. He heard the elevators open as he reached the bottom floor and an old lady that was waiting on the same floor he came from exited. He watched her role her walker out and wrap a scarf around her neck. He watched her head to the outside doors, a man watched by in a rush bumping into her and knocking her walker down. Aari wanted to go after the guy who just hoped the elevator but his concern was more on the lady, who kept muttering to herself.
“Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,” She looked down at her walker and tried to pick it up.
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