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How to pay:

You have 3 choices:

-Upload 5 Photos in the Payment Album.
-Invite 2 users
-Post 1 post in the wall posts
-Post one forum post in the Spammer forum


-Position wanted:
-Why do you want to be a mod?
-How active can you be?
-Do you make GFX?
-What programs do you use?
-What can you do to help the group?
-Did you pay?
-Did you read everything?
-Examples (If you can make GFX and in spoiler pls):


-No stealing
-Have fun
-Pls be active
-Follow all the rules
-You have to be active if you are a mod
-Remember to favourite this group if you're a mod
-Always visit the forums if you're the forum mod
-Always PM the members the new events if you're the messanger
-Make GFX for the group if you're the GFX Mod
-Inactive mods will be banned
-Put "Mahou" beside "Did you read everything" so we know if you read all the rules

Creator: -PurebloodVampireHime-
GFX Mod:
Forum Mod:
Messanger Mod:
Helper Mod:
Special Mod:
Part-Time Mod:
18398 cr points
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-Username: SakuraAmu2
-Name: Sakura
-Position wanted: Co-Creator
-Why do you want to be a mod?: I want to make people happy by doing nice things for them in this group!! ^^
-Do you make GFX?: Yes
-What programs do you use?: Paint
-What can you do to help the group?: Everything I Can.
-Did you pay?: Yes
-Did you read everything?: Mahou
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Approved Pls be Active!!
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