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The Jager Codex is The Bingo Book 2.0. Most functions are automated via magic(seals, hexes, blessings, etc). This is opposite the current Bingo Books, which required averything to be inserted manually.

Some Such features are:
*Current Bingo Book Recognition
*Tracking of Kills, Age, and Rank
*Location tracking and recognition
*Information updates

Other Features include:
*Movable map with placable checkpoints
*Contact system
*Emergency protocals
*Inquiry Databasse directly linked to the Coucils Library(Only show council approved information unless the player is a Council member.)
* And much more...

The Jäger Codex was designed by the Council's R&D Sector with simplicity in mind. The idea was to make the information mobile.

-On page 6, The list # Appears to the right of the words "List Number"
-The last page is for chatting, and regular 'programing-like' things
-It does not use traditional ink, useing regular ink will result in the ink not working.

*I will design the pen/thingy later... Enjoy!
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