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Akanishi Jin: go solo or stick with KAT-TUN?
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Posted 3/30/10 , edited 3/30/10
taken from Japan Now! A Livejournal Community for English speakers about Japanese Entertainment

Original post is here >>

Akanishi to perform in Los Angeles, rest of KAT-TUN to tour Asia

Johnny's Jimusho made two announcements on Wednesday regarding popular boy band KAT-TUN. First, the group will be doing an Asia tour this year. Second, member Jin Akanishi (25) will not be participating in the tour, and will instead be preparing for a set of solo concerts in Los Angeles.

KAT-TUN's tour is scheduled to run from May to August. Most of the concerts will be in Japan, but a few of them will be held overseas. They will perform in Bangkok on July 31, in Seoul on August 6-7, and in Taipei on August 27-28. Other sources say that a Hawaii concert is also being considered.

However, Akanishi is expected to leave for Los Angeles in May to prepare for three concerts on June 19-20. These will be the first solo performances in the U.S. by a Johnny's artist.

This is not the first time that Akanishi has been to Los Angeles. From 2006 to 2007, he took a break from show business and spent half a year there to study English.

After a solo performance in February, Akanishi received an offer from American cable channel UTB, which focuses on Japanese programs. At the time, KAT-TUN's Asia tour had already been finalized, but after discussions with the other members and agency president Johnny Kitagawa, it was decided that the tour would go on without Akanishi. He agreed to three concerts on June 19-20 at the Club Nokia venue at the L.A. Live complex. It is said that he will perform the shows entirely in English.

Akanishi is expected to remain in Los Angeles until October. He will be involved in promotional activities and is considering additional U.S. concerts

-In explaining why they chose to have Akanishi perform in the U.S. during KAT-TUN's tour, the Johnny's rep said that UTB strongly recommended it to them, because starting in June, there are many events such as anime conventions going on, making it the best time to reach out to and work with promoters in the U.S.

-Someone from Johnny's asserts that KAT-TUN is not breaking up, nor is Akanishi leaving the group.

-The KAT-TUN tour was decided in October, but Johnny's received the UTB offer in February. Johnny and the other members said they couldn't let the opportunity slip by, so they encouraged Akanishi to take the offer.

Akanishi US Site:

If its possible, let's refrain from bashing and insulting? I know this is a hard and complicated topic but everyone is still entitled to their own opinions and views... ^___________^
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Posted 3/30/10 , edited 3/30/10
no offense to kat-tun fans he's always doing stuff on his own without his group he should just decide because he causing problems for his other members honestly i don't think he thinks about their feelings even in 2007 when he came back he was all jokingly. And all the other member were serious. I understand solo activities but the way he does it is really bad and is effecting KAT-TUN.

my answer is DECIDE

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Posted 4/4/10 , edited 4/5/10
I think this is really a great opportunity. If he were to pass this up, that would be a really stupid decision career wise. Of COURSE he cares about the other members of KAT-TUN, and his absence will cause.. upsets, but they'll be fine without him for a short period of time.
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Posted 4/5/10 , edited 4/5/10
I really think this a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity. His KT-TUN already gave him their regards.
Though during the final episodes of CT-KT he did seem uninterested in what his group was doing,
but he still is apart of KAT-TUN.
One wouldn't lose all feelings towards his group members. He's been w/ them since 2001!
So YEAH. He cares about the other members. Even though many ppl start bashing him
b/c of his choice to go overseas to LA for his own concert while KT-TUN goes through (well not everywhere in) ASIA.
He just couldn't say no. That opportunity could be life changing. If he didn't take the chance. He might regret it later.
Anyway he'll get the support of the American Fan Society at his concert.
KAT-TUN fans will support him. GO BAKANISHI.

< I know this is a long post btw and me being utterly stupid i pressed the wrong poll selection
i meant to put some points solo >

I'll see you in LA. CLUB NOKIA HERE I COME

Posted 5/26/10 , edited 5/26/10
I like Kat-tun better without him. Sorry i just do.
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Posted 5/29/10 , edited 5/30/10
He can go solo at some points but still be with KAT-TUN
Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/31/10
it's just not kat-tun without akanishi
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Posted 6/20/10 , edited 6/21/10
I could care less ...
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Posted 6/26/10 , edited 6/26/10
Akanishi is a big part of KAT-TUN. Without him, the band won't be the same. Also, no more AKAME! AKAME is the best!
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Posted 7/4/10 , edited 7/5/10
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Posted 7/15/10 , edited 7/16/10
I really wish people would stop being stupid and bashing him because a solo concert decision was made. DO YOU PEOPLE THINK JOHNNY HAD NOTHING to do with it? -.-

It's so pathetic when people call themselves real fans and as soon as a decision is made they turn their backs.

I would be really disappointed if he left KAT-TUN. I would be upset but I would be glad for him as an artist if he were able to make it solo. Either way I still would like for him to come back to KAT-TUN. But if he isn't happy in the group then I vote for solo. But I think people have just been watching him so closely since he left for L.A. that everything he does, right or wrong they make it into HUGE deal. Start acting like idiots. And bashing. Get over it already. He left he came back and he probably hasn't been happy because of all the damn bashing.
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Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/17/10
Johnny just announced that Jin will be leaving KT and go solo!
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Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/17/10
oh I prefer to wait until their is a definite announcement by the company. Then I'll be sad
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Posted 7/19/10 , edited 7/19/10
Oh maaaaan, that's so sad. :/ I'm not really a fan but Jin and Kazuya are the most interesting guys there, also I'm sry for fans who were used to see them together and now,just like that, he's a solo artist. I hope someone will change his mind. :/ If not I wish him all the best in the future. He's talented and sweet guy.
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Posted 7/23/10 , edited 7/23/10
well, akanishi is offcially withdrawing from kat-tun tto debut in the US
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