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JEJUNG of Tohoshinki Shows Abdominal Muscles on the Cover of "anan"
Posted 4/7/10 , edited 4/7/10
I really loved his pictures for AnAn Magazine and I'm so glad and really relieved that there was no any nude photos. If there is... I really don't know what to say. Anyways, I think his a-bit-messed-up hair is kind of cute and it somehow looks good in him. Here take a look:
I hope that Jaejoong would come back soon in Korea, I'm pretty sure that his [and their (DBSK)] Korean fans already missed him [and them] so much! xDDD
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Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/25/10


I agree DBSK is getting split up more and more. Yunho solo MJ concert,Junsu Mozart and Jeajoong's jdrama and Changmin's Kdrama. I don't think they will make it to the end of the year. I am not a JeaJoong fan he can be buck naked and i wouldn't care he acts to feminine and to gay for me. I like my men to act and look like men but i just hope Jeajoong doesn't turn to a Jin Akanashi.

haha, he will... soon.
jae is gonna become a part of akanishi troops real soon.
pi hooked jae up with jin at lady gaga's concert party
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