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Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/1/10
MODE APPLICATION: **Read all (Important)**
WHY I NEED MODS: I NEED help badly in making YT bgs because people like have bgs in different ways like this for example: (right click to view full image)
I make my own backgrounds mainly from these templates: (right click to view full image)
and plainly by using this one (right click to view full image)
so the point I'm trying to get to is I want MODS that have different ways of making bgs and are something like how I ust showed you specially I want MODS that can make bgs like the first template I showed you but, other then that I don't care I just want to have MODS that are YT BG makers
I need MODS that make YouTube Bg's ONLY by photoshop (any) and they must be active and have a YT account so if anyone wants to visit your YT page and see how wonderful bg you have that you created ^^ so here is the form please follow directions:

♦How long you been making YT bgs?
♦Do you use (Any) photoshop?
♦Whats your YT user? (you can tell me in PM)
♦How active are you in CR?
♦what kind of template you use to edit your bg? (you can show or tell)
♦Anything else to tell me?

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