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Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/2/10
Ok guys! this is a dream update meaning we want yooh guys to tell us your latest dream or one that sounds kinda interesting yup yup! well since im the one posting i guess ill start! ^~^ --------->

ok so im walking to my favorite donut shop when i started to feel kinda dizzy so then i started to go back home cus ididnt feel well but then i just rememberd the the whole reason for me going was to get something tasty to make me feel better so the whole walk was pointless Y~Y but even tho it was a dream it still made me think i did something 4 no reason!
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Posted 11/16/10 , edited 11/17/10
My latest dream went like this:

I was in my kitchen baking and cooking,
everything from cookies to my favorite foods.
but I didn't have a chance to eat any of it
because as soon as I was finished and ready to eat,
someone rang on the door.
And each and every person who came were starving
and every person ate what I just had made.
It went on and on like that
over and over until I woke up.

I can tell you I was real hungry for breakfast and I didn't share it with anyone
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