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Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/3/10
ok well, this is how it goes....

My cousin got me
hooked up to maple story about three-ish years ago. We were too young
then so he lied about our age and birthday. We started playing but as we
played we found many different issues with not knowing the bday pin. We
asked him later on and he just said, "I dont know! I just
forgot....".We continued on not using the pink to delete characters,
send items, etc.

So now my brother and I just wanted
to start again but it ask us to change out pass. So im half asleep and i
came up with a random pass. So later (a few hours later) it wont let me
in so i mainly dont know my pass. I go to send my pass to my email when
it says "ENTER YOUR BIRTHDAY O_O". OMG! I was so pissed!!! Anywho it
turns out my brother had a character on the account that he worked
really hard on. so is there anyway I can get my bday code? I really dont
want to ask the maple staff for help....

Yes, I am posting this thread on multiple sites and groups hoping for an answer D:
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