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Koko's OneShots
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S p e e c h l e s s F e e l i n g s
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm happy here. I'd stick to my daily routines and would be just fine at the end of the day, I was a girl of routine. I didn't like change much. And that included the day I met him. He was a nice change, but...


When little children were around me, I would always receive the questionable eye brow raise,

''Your such a brat.'' or ''am I not good enough to talk to?''

I really couldn't say anything to them. They were mis-informed...

Everyone here in the hospital is especially nice to me. Though I dislike being treated above the many other patients. I don't want special treatment. And I guess having an uncle for a famous Doctor here would up my popularity.

But I feel like I play a special role too. Uncle had ensured me with keeping a certain patient company at his mothers' bedside. He grew an unwavering liking to me, Uncle would always tease. After I had my lunch, I went to see him again in room 206. He was there again, holding his mothers pale hand and laying it across her chest. He stared at her face a lot, and even though I could see the grief in his eyes, he talked about the happy times, too.

They made me tear up.

His eyes were red most of the time I would see him in the room with his mom, sleep was something he lacked.

But something strange occurred today, he stopped talking about the stories.

I think he could see it in my eyes that I wondered why.

He gazed off his mother and up at me, smiling slowly. "I'm Sorry Elia. . . I don't feel like talking much today."

I simply nodded.

And I understood.

We were used to the silence in this room, with nothing but the steady monitor beeping that kept his mothers life in check.

With nothing but the open window, bringing the whistling wind in, a few cherry blossom leaves in the Spring landing on his mothers cheek.

With nothing, but our hearts beating as one.


If I could talk, I would talk a lot. I would talk to the boy who talked to me so much as if I replied each time. But I can't. So I write things down in my notebook, that way, we can communicate with each other.

We were quite for a little while longer, before I picked up my little notebook and began writing something down in pen. I held it up for him to see, he gave me an encouraging smile and I smiled back weakly.

"I'm sure she'll wake up soon. . ." I had written, his mother, had been in a coma for almost a year now. It broke my heart to see him here everyday, all the time, by his mothers side like a shadow, like the wonderful son he was.

It made me remember my parents, how I lost them, and what happened to me after.

My condition...

I prayed in my mind for his mother to get better, about a week or so later, my Uncle, the Doctor gave me the ill-fated news that unleashed hell in my mind.

His mother had passed away finally.

I wanted to scream and cry, but I could not do either. I wished so badly I could comfort him in his time of need... with my own words. My own words...

About a grieving week later, I received more terrible news.


Without a mother, he only had his father who just couldn't bear the thought of loosing his wife, and couldn’t bear staying in the same place they’ve lived in for years as a family...

Today we say good-bye. Well... he says good-bye.
He couldn’t promise me we would see each other again, he couldn’t promise me I would hear him talking hours upon hours anymore, about anything and everything, he couldn’t promise me just one more smile before he left.

The engine of the car felt like a dagger through my heart, there we were, outside of the hospital. For the last time.

I could tell by the look on his face he was still suffering, that he didn’t want any of this. That he had no choice...

The first droplets of rain came falling down.


We gazed at each other longily, and I could feel my heart drowning as the rain began to pour. But he ignored it, and smiled at me as if the sun was there again, pulling me into his chest and into his loving embrace.

"Thank you.... thank you for everything... Elia...I-" he whispered in my ear, the feeling felt nostalgic and yet so beautiful.

His dad honked the horn, popping his head out of the car window. "Hurry it up, Simon!"

One second...

Two seconds... three...

His arms parted from me reluctantly, I could no longer feel his warmth.

He looked at me again lastly, our faces inches from touching, our lips...

And then he walked the steps away from my life.

I watched him walk away from my life at that moment. Quickly, I thought of something. I hurried my already trembling hands and opened up my notebook to a blank page, the page had already turned soggy and wet due to the rain, but I still wrote it...

I held it up before myself, closing my eyes because I was afraid of what he would think. Or if he could even read it...

"I Love You. . ."

I had written. And my eyes opened to only see the car... gone. And tears trickling down my cheeks, not the rain.

// FIN \\
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M y H a n d s
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

``Inspiration from a song C:

I stood under the oak tree beside my school, holding tightly onto my umbrella at the rate the wind and rain came. Everyone passed by me, wanting to get inside the school and out of the rain. I was standing dumbstruck there, my eyes were downcast, avoiding meeting anyone's eyes. For I didn't want them to look at me, I didn't want them to ask me why I was standing there, under an oak tree with an umbrella that was even bigger then me, it blew harshly in the wind, but I refused to let go.

My hands shook, but I refused to let the umbrella go.

When everyone was gone and out of sight, I still stood there.

My feet were tired, I have been standing for a while. They were so sore.

My head was hurting, a headache crawled by, staying a while.

My ears heard the harsh wind blow, the whoosh of the wind, the cars passing by and honking at one another, distinct but far away voices, and a car pull up in the side walk.

Now, my heart hurt. How long was I waiting?

My eyes felt heavy, and they wanted to close, I released the grip onto my umbrella purposely, letting the wind blow it away. I stared at it for a while, knowing I've just let go...

The boy made his way with his very own umbrella under his head, welcoming me in with a smile.

I smiled, and just as fast as I did it faded.

The wind suddenly picked up even more and it was enough to make the boys grip loosen, and the umbrella joined mine. We were now standing next to each other, wet, our hair blew in the wind, rain drops cascading down our faces, I lunged into him so suddenly, shocked by this, he wrapped his hands around my shivering cold body.

I knew the instant I let go of my umbrella, it was the last time I would feel my hands around him.

// FIN \\
-dos oneshot complete C:

Human Project
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was so lonely... It was just me and my Grandpa living here in this spacious house.

After my mother had become bed ridden due to an illness years ago while I was still a child, she passed away suddenly one day.

I remember how strong -yet cold- her hand felt to mine, the way she squeezed my hand with all her strength, smiling up at me weakly and both so powerfully, and when her time came and her hand lost all life and her grip was gone forever. She died with a peaceful smile on her face. That's how I remembered my mother.

My father was never part of the picture. But Grandpa promised me I wouldn’t be lonely anymore. He said, “I’ll create a friend for you.”

Create... I wonder what he meant by that.


My Grandpa had always been the mechanic type. He always loved to build things, and at the same time he liked to destroy things, just so he could put them back together again. He challenged himself. It was his Human Project.

He sought to put a soul into a robot, using human personalities into data and copying it into the robot. I didn’t think such a thing was possible... it almost seemed... inhuman. But as I watched him work hard and pour his heart and soul into his creation, I began to see with my own eyes that he’d truly done it. It could pass as a human in society, with the way it looked in the dim light in the basement... glowing silver eyes, dirty blond hair, pale complexion, a normal males figure, a hard -but small- frown on his face, almost looking as if he'll smile. A stoic personality.

Well, he was an android. But Grandpa believed he would progress considerably when surrounded by real humans.


As the days progressed, No. 2454's new rebirth accompanied me in my lonely times. For a robot, he liked to talk. Grandpa must have programmed that, too.

“Master programmed me to know all the knowledge of the world.”

I smiled cheerfully at him and giggled. We sat at my Grandpa’s work table, and I beamed at his every feature.

“Is that so? All of it? But how would my Grandpa know-” He interrupted me. Must have been something Grandpa also programmed him to do.

“Master programmed me to know,” was said emotionally.

My laugh faded as I looked up at No. 2454 seriously. “If you know everything, tell me one thing.” He didn’t respond in any way, just kept his stone cold expression.

Let's just see how much he knows. “What is my name?”

He replied with a swift smile, that robot smile made my eyes widen in awe, “Keyohi. Master thinks it’s beautiful. So do I.” I looked down at my lap, I felt myself blushing. He smiled rarely, and always wore a cold expression. But the more time we talk, the more he smiles. And the more I blush... I tried to look at him again. “H-hey... your not a number, you know...”

He didn’t respond, or maybe he didn’t understand. “From now on, you are no longer No. 2454. You are...Aster.” I said softily.

“I have not received confirmation of this from Master...”

“Well, you have from me.” there was a little authority in my voice.

“.....” He looked at me dead on with those mysterious silver orbs of his, as if learning something knew from my behavior. And after a second or two, he replied,


I grinned to myself.


The next morning, I got up from bed and went straight for the basement where Aster and Grandpa were sure to be in. But this morning, as I peeked in the dim room, they weren't anywhere in sight.

Listening more closely, I heard a cabinet close in the kitchen. I headed in there and found him.

“Aster...” There he was, wearing my floral apron and cooking me breakfast. I walked up quietly behind him, looking over his shoulder to see what he was making in the pan. Eggs. “Your making me eggs for breakfast, Aster?”

“Affirmative. Good morning to you, Keyohi.”

He quickly looked at me and flashed another smile, leaving me speechless once again. I smiled shyly and nodded, standing beside him and watching the smile on his face as the eggs boiled in the pan.

I went to take a seat at the kitchen table. “Do you know where my Grandpa went?” I asked after a quite moment.

“Master said he would be out.” He responded, no particular hint of emotion in his voice.

“To where?” I asked.

“Grocery store. We ran out of tomatoes.”

We. Yes, he was a part of our family. It was just Grandpa, Aster and me. One big happy family. It was new territory for me, these emotions that were spurring inside of me as I watched Aster handle everything so delicately. So tenderly and knowingly. He had been more than just a friend whom was created to be my friend, he was something more special.


After he’d set the plate of eggs before me, he took a seat with me at the table. I looked up from my eggs to him, grabbing my fork. “Hey, Aster... won’t you eat too?” He sat pose as always, not moving at all.

“It is not needed for me to function.”

That's right... he didn't need the everyday things humans did. “Hey, u-um... Aster...” I whispered and looked down at my breakfast, slowly up at his unchanging expression. “What do you... I mean, what do you think of me?” What a foolish thing to ask. Though... Grandpa did program him to feel human emotions. So maybe... he liked me back?

“I think you’re a great person. I sometimes think there is a bug inside my system, telling me there’s something wrong with me to be feeling the way I feel when I’m around you. My process of thoughts have also changed. I start to need you. To see you everyday, for us to communicate with each other the way we are now. Your smile makes me want to smile back.”

The fork I held dropped and made a clink against the silver plate, nearly choking on his words, I ran to the sink and poured myself a glass of water rushly.

I heard him scoot his chair back, standing behind me. “Is something the matter...? Did I... say something I shouldn’t have?”

I shook my head, putting the glass of empty water down and turning to face him.

“No, you’re perfect.”


Once Grandpa came back, we showed Aster around our little town. Nobody looked at him strangely, he fit well with other people, I even introduced him to my friends around the neighborhood. He greeted them with smiles, and was kind and polite. Like a real gentlemen. Everyone loved him. But he was mine alone to love. He was created just for me. He was only allowed to love me.

One day, while we were walking home from school, (Grandpa enrolled him) a couple of my friends tagged along because Aster was there. I didn't think it was because of my presence...

They were all over him. It disgusted me. “Hey, Aster, so where are you from?” A friend of mine looped her arm through his, clearly flirting with him with her body gestures. Another clinged to him and grabbed his other arm while I was in the back.

I was afraid of what Aster might reply with, but realized, there was nothing to be afraid of. After all, Aster was perfect. He had no flaws. No bugs in his system, so he replied easily, “Where I’m from does not matter, as long as I’m here.” They all giggled, leaving me the odd one out.

Sooner or later, they left us be after they went their separate ways to their rightful homes, but I was still a little dismayed.

“Your friends are nice.” He said out of the blue, I looked at him and noted the small smile on his face. At least that always remained.



Aster finished his homework in less than five minutes, that was the first thing he’d do when home from school. Of course, he was programmed to know everything. But if that was true, why couldn’t he sense my sadness?

He wasn’t perfect after all.

At dinner time, I ate alone. Grandpa took his food down to the basement with Aster, he didn’t tell me why. I would think it was just to tweak his program a bit or something. But wasn’t he already perfection to him? Grandpa must have found something that needed working on...

After I’d finished dinner, I cleaned up the dishes with my thoughts still haunting me. What was Grandpa doing with Aster down there... ?

Suddenly, I dropped the dishes into the sink, running past the basement door. When I ran down the stairs, I found Aster buckled up in a chair, he looked so at peace with his eyes closed. Grandpa heard my footsteps, his back to me as he stared up at a wide computer screen that seemed to have been connected to Aster.

“Keyohi, is that you? Have these few days with Aster been everything you’d hoped for?” He asked, typing at his computer that hooked to Astar. I stared wide-eyed at Astar, looking back and forth to him and Grandpa. “...Why is he in that chair? What are you doing to him?” I couldn't help the terror in my voice.

“Oh, I’m just looking through his memories. All the events that transpired, and such. I’ve succeeded this one... No. 2454 and I’m so proud of what I’ve built. He even has a will of his own. Do you want to know what Aster told me yesterday?”

I didn't know what to say. Why did I feel something wrong at the pit of my stomach?

“He said he loved you. LOVED you. I was caught breathless, such a strong human emotion... No. 2454.“

My reply snapped like a rubber band. “His name is Aster!”

Grandpa chuckled quietly, facing to the side to look at his accomplishment. “Yes, yes. But do not forget what he truly is. A robot meant just for you.”

I shook my head, running the distance to him and his chair. There, I kneeled down next to him and gazed up to see his face.

“Keyohi, I made him better than he already was, with a little tweaking here and there-”

Tweaking...? He was already everything I wanted!

Grampa had made a grave mistake...


After that day, Aster was no longer himself. Something about him was different, that I was sure of. How was he better than the original? I didn't get it... but the same feeling in my stomach wouldn't pass, it stayed buried deep in my chest.

I've grown to love Aster, the way he was before, with those perfect unexpected smiles that made my heart jump. But this... this Aster, he didn't smile at all. He didn't look at me the way he used to, he seemed to avoid not just me, but even his creator.

He had a bug... I was sure of it.


“I... must have made a mistake somewhere trying to tweak his program...” Grampa sounded critical as his eyes shined off the computer screen, in the darkness, sitting in the chair, Aster's eyes began to slowly open. Red eyes glowed our way. His frown had been upturned, he was now smiling as he easily broke off the straps that binded him, standing up tall.

Grampa's mouth was opened, but he didn't say anything. He stepped back, pulling my arm.


“Keyohi, get away from him. Now.”

I broke from his hold, stepping closer to Aster.

The computer suddenly turned to a red screen, a warning sign blinking.

That's all it took for Grandpa to make a run for the door, leaving me there.

And then everything happened all at once. Aster's hand, had suddenly transformed into something else. It extended the reach all the way to Grandpa, stabbing him through his chest and lifting him high up off the ground. His mouth opened wide to spit out a good amount of blood.

Then he looked down at me, pulling me closer to his side. “Now that Master is out of the way, won’t you join me in this worlds destruction, Keyohi?”

I shrugged. Smiling at him. “Okay~!”

// FIN \\
-tres oneshot complete C:


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