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How big of a Anime fan are you?
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30 / M / "Podunk USA" Brun...
Posted 11/20/06 , edited 11/20/06
#1 Neon Genesis Evangelion(duh! the most human story ever told, not written on the 5th grade level, pacifist as main character-not so great but deep ]:)- )
#1 Saikano(only show to compete with Evangelion and hold its ground, sadder than trying to wish dead puppies back to life)
#1 Boondocks(brutally honest, hilarious, deep-cutting irony)
#2 Macross Zero(Evangelion meets Cowboy Beebop, shorter than FLCL and just as deep)
#2 Cowboy Bebop(realistic world, real tragedy, poetic)
#5 Outlaw Star(fun to watch, space romance)
#7 Trigun(nostalgic, too pacifistic)
#6 Tenjou Tenge(hells yeah,everything Elfen Lied should have been,weak ending)
#6 Zoids(Chaotic Century/Liger Zero=awesome, romantic,creative mech fights, but Fuzors/Genesis=shameless marketing)
Welcome To NHK(ahh, the mind of a pervert, feels like home)
#3 FLCL(South Park and Neon Genesis on acid)
#4 Animatrix(wow (0..o) )
#4 Ghost In The Shell(super-realistic future, prophecy)
#5 Blue Gender(realistic romance, realistic death)
#6 Akira(creative, overacted animation)
#5 Gantz(disturbing, perverted, frustrating to watch, real-life baby)
#10 Fullmetal Alchemist(weak ending, cool special effects, sombering)
#8 Naruto(might get boring but hang in for the insane fight scenes)
#7 Samurai Champloo(smooth, like a pimp)
Martian Successor:Nadesico
Last Exile(ending might be bad, gorgeous settings)
#6 Paranoia Agent(chilling)
#4 Hayao Myazaki films(make you as bubble-eyed as an Japanese, lolicon, anime, catgirl kindergartener, inspiring)
Avatar: the Last Airbender(gets better as it goes, needs nudity)
Maburaho(super clever plot for an ecchi)
#6KITE(hentai with plot, cleverness of Cowboy Bebop, tragic)
#3 0080 Gundam:War In The Pocket(sad as hell)
#9 Chobits(unedited please, manga was so sad, disturbing and ecchi, show is lolicon crap!)
#3Mobile Suit Gundam(survival Nietche-style, terrible graphics)
G Fighter Gundam(creative fights, romance not phony)
#2 Battle Royale(not an anime, Lord Of The Flies-disturbing as hell)
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuyumi(hi-larious, sarcastic with sharp wit)
#9 Beating Angel Dokurachan(horny, hi-larious, 4th worst ending)
#9 Case Closed(clever, never boring, weak animation)
Kare Kano/His and Her Circumstances(true romance, Evangelion but happy)
Digimon(seasons 1-3, my childhood secret,Pokemon but with trauma)
Lupin III(clever, funny, terrible animation, too long)

Judgement In Progress:

GunXSword(good plot, might sell out to gratuitous mech fights)
Speedgrapher(heard great things)
Wing Gundam(the movie was great, but the series is a little bishouju)
Serial Experiments Lain(acid trip, must finish)
Death Note(is so clever!, must finish)
The other Gundams(usually overrated and never great, just flashy)
Gunslinger Girls(tragic, noir, must finish)
Green Green(funny, pervertedly desperate, must finish)
Air Gear(fanservice, cool gadgets, looking for plot)
Blood+(great visuals, might be another Elfen Lied)
Green Green(perverted)
Bleach(manga is better so far,another DBZ but with swords, plot-rape of Yuyu Hakusho)
Nana(honest romance, light, funny, naive)

Need to be redone/avoid like the plague list:

Inuyasha(ditsy, boring, long, cliche emo)
Sailormoon(ditsy, not funny, gay for girls AND boys!)
Witch Hunter Robin(boring, bad ending, great new idea)
Trinity Blood(cockamamy, plot-rape of Trigun)
Elfen Lied(clumsy execution, cliche, pretentious hentai,5th worst ending)
Wolf's Rain(dumbest ending ever!, download all of Yoko Kanno's music, great tragedy)
Pokemon(children's crap)
Rorouni Kenshin(gay, unrealistic, indecisive, not like Samurai X)
One Piece(childish attempt at action, long)
Eureka Seven(seriously boring, giant rip-off of Evangelion/Mobile Suit Gundam/FLCL)
RahXephon(confusing, a rip-off, AND boring)
Gundam SEED(pretty/new, sucks for 48 eps, the end should be a movie, recycled plot)
Transformers(never been worth jacksh**, same plot recycled in all the other series)
Big O(stupid plot, big budget stinker, 2nd worst ending)
Gravitation(all the cheesy romantic crap, but completely gay, life and times of Britney Spears)
Kiddy Grade(weak ecchi, ripoff of Outlaw Star/Cowboy Beebop/Ghost in The Shell)
Dot Hack EVERYTHING(great music, great visuals, deadly boring with 3rd worst ending)
Azumanga Diaoh(cute, but not epic funny, Garfield-like, read manga instead)
Air(how stupid do they think people are?, most boring ecchi based on a hentai game)
DragonballZ(and onward, Dragonball was decent but silly)
Super Milk Chan(only the poetry and the music were worth squat)
Spider Riders(absolute crap)
RaveMaster(boring, useless plot)
Ah!My Goddess(ditsy, boring, seriously stupid, 6 eps-relationship went nowhere, kill me!)
Bobobooboob(however you say that, it's too retarded)
Zatch Bell(nice morals, then it gets retarded and cockamamy)
S-cry-ed(6th worst ending, cockamamy, aimless emo fighting)
Ikkitousen(pretentious hentai,plot-rape of Tenjou Tenge, ditsy)
DearS(the plot-rape of Chobits, beats the Chobits anime but the Chobits manga pwns it all night long. HARD.)
D.I.C.E.(worst anime ever!, a ripoff of everything, even crap shows like Power Rangers)

I've seen this much so far, but I am NOT an anime fanboy, simply an open-minded appreciator of art styles. You should see my music list, movie list, and novel list. I have collected the best of different types of everything. And one day, I will leave them to my children.
I really want the Mona Lisa or Van Gogh's Starry Night. But I not a fanboy of oil paintings, in fact I hate them, but the skill of a master at anything just blows me away.
It could be a hand sketch of a rock, if the technique captures and leads your eye through every detail, it is a masterpiece. Same for anime, even if they are just well-done cartoons, a well-directed plot is sometimes better than non-cartoon stories. And a plot is priceless, compared to animation quality.
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26 / M / Deep caverns of t...
Posted 11/20/06 , edited 11/20/06
The biggest that is the end of it I just am.
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31 / M
Posted 11/20/06 , edited 11/20/06
Although I like to check if it's going to be money well spent first, if i can affordd it I'll buy it. If I can't I'll download it (I don't like to dl stuff that's already licsensed as I want to support the anime market).
Don't have much yet though as I only started really getting into anime a few months ago.
If i had more money i would buy manga, models, clothes (no cosplay i don't think I'll ever go that far, but you never know) etc...
Oh and of course the games, Guilty Gear ftw!!
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Posted 11/20/06 , edited 11/20/06
I am not a big anime fan, I used to be but not anymore
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31 / M / US
Posted 11/20/06 , edited 11/20/06

I am not a big anime fan, I used to be but not anymore
How come?

Anyway I decided to make a list of what ive seen so far:
Anime watched:
1)Cowboy bebop (need to watch movie)
2)Outlaw star
4)noir (1/2)
5)vanguard (1/2)
7)last exile
8)samuri champloo
10)oh my godess tv + movie
11)dbz (about 3/4)
12)dragonball (about 1/4)
13)pokemon (about 1/10)
14)cardcaptors (around 1/2)
15)yo-ge-oh (around 1/4)
16)love hina
17)gundam wing
18)gundam seed
19)samuri x: trust and betrayal (movie)
22) Yuyu hakusku (about 1/2)
23)anamatrix (movie)
25)elfin lied
26)Ninja scroll
27)RoD movie
28)Ronin Warriors
+ very little of naurato and rorouni kenshin and sailor moon
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28 / F / PA, USA
Posted 11/21/06 , edited 11/21/06
well I actually prefer mangas than animes but I love to see comparisons. Fave animes fro me have to be Sailor Moon, Detective Conan, FMA, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club and others... I really couldn't say that I'm a HUGE fan, but if that anime's recommended and well-received, I take the time to check it out.
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33 / M / California
Posted 11/21/06 , edited 11/21/06
I first got introduced to anime (other than DBZ, that is) when a friend of mine showed me the first Tenchi Muyo film at a sleepover. Although I didn't really understand a bit of what was going on, it really captured my imagination. For a few years, I didn't see much else, aside from a few episodes of Tenchi Universe which he taped for me. However, a few years later, my family finally got cable (we were pretty poor) and, to my luck, we got Cartoon Network. Within a month, Gundam Wing began its american run, and I taped every episode. It totally blew my mind. I had never seen a series which portrayed the opposing sides in a conflict in such an unbiased manner, and of course (being a guy) I loved the giant robots. Gundam Wing still holds a special place in my heart.
More recently, I started into my hyperpurist, "Dubs are evil!", subs-only phase, and I am attempting to learn Japanese through a combination of language CDs, web sites, various textbooks, and a steady diet of anime. I suppose I'm not so much hard-core as part-time fetish nutbag...
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24 / F / ♠♥♣♦~philippines~...
Posted 11/21/06 , edited 11/21/06
well for me.. i'm addicted to anime..but never ever bad anime's like those B.I.(bad influence) anime's like hentai and gruesome animes...(except samurai X..(not so gruesome)
i've watched many anime's and i like all of them, but even though i didn't finish some anime ep's i'm looking for CD's and ep's to watch the full version hehe..
(except if theres a bad thing inside! i won't finish it!)
aside from anime's i'm looking for a place here in the philippines where they sell manga's like paltinum garden(really got interested when i got a peek of it in a resaled magazine..)
i got also dissapionted on some anime's because like shaman king, the story wasn't really finish..well that's what i think..^__^

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31 / M
Posted 11/21/06 , edited 11/21/06
I'm buyin the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Complete Platinum Collection: 7dvd: Box Set and it's better than the american or japanese version. For once it pays to be in the UK
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26 / M
Posted 12/4/06 , edited 12/4/06
I'm so much of an anime fan that I have alot of anime stuff in my room.
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27 / M / homestead,fl
Posted 12/4/06 , edited 12/4/06
I a big-no huge anime fan if i did not had school i watch it 24-1000000000-infinte<good times good times>
i just can't get enough of it
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Posted 12/5/06 , edited 12/5/06
Haha I was really thinking of droping prom to complete Naruto, that was because well he was fighting Gaara and I wanted to know how it ended, but I am glad my sister made me go
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23 / F
Posted 12/5/06 , edited 12/5/06
nah.. i'm not much of an anime fan coz i'm balancing my time.. but i always have time for animes and animes again on my free time..

EDIT: oops.. iam an anime fan..really..but haven't seen a lot like you guys.. right now.. i'm like struggling to find EVA episodes
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29 / M / Australia
Posted 12/5/06 , edited 12/6/06
Since this the start of this year i have watched 64 animes. And thats counting movies and second seasons as one. Thats more then 1 anime a week. Cleared all of inuyahsa in 2 weeks. This holiday i am going to start watching naruto lol. My parents hate me cause of all my downloadin lol.
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30 / M / "Podunk USA" Brun...
Posted 12/5/06 , edited 12/6/06

Xan wrote:

I'm buyin the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Complete Platinum Collection: 7dvd: Box Set and it's better than the american or japanese version. For once it pays to be in the UK

I'm actually jealous of you. Lucky bastard.

That show is the closest I come to otaku.
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