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Posted 4/4/10 , edited 4/4/10
this is hikarigakure the village hidden in the light or hikari for short the village hidden in the lights kage the hikarikage is blinded by the power of his/her power and he/her is now plotiing to destroy both the remnants of akatsuki the ghost armed forces and the 5 great shinobi countries.
hikarigakure was brought about by the zapping into the future of the ghost armed forces, hikarigakure is made up of merchents missing nin orphans and other people and shinobi the land was created by the kage it was mainly for refuge but now that it is more of a village there is now 6 great countries of the shinobi world, other towns and roads and mini islands were made after its creation and is used also as refuge for criminals but the good thing about it is that the place brings everyone together bringing out that little bit of good in them making the name hikarigakure hikari meaning light!
please join hikarigakure!
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