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Ok, This is a fantasy and I have not written it like a script for an anime/ manga format. Instead it is written 100% story...
It's rating is probably PG because of violence, Stupidity and really weird. what else to say... I hope you enjoy. There are going to be a lot of characters I guess and I'll post a description when I reach them just in case someone doesn't know who they are.. Crap I forgot to put who it's by in form Topic! So Its by..



“Where the blazes do you think you’re going?” A man with calloused hands and a gruff voice called after him. The sand and rocks were kicked up under his feet as he ran down the dirt road. The blue sky above was clear and the sun left its mark across the vast plain.
“Away from this Shit hole!” he laughed, looking back at his dear friend Burmen, “Off to find a great adventure!!”
“Yeah well don’t you ever forget that this shit hole is your home. You come back here when you’re tired and in one piece, you hear?!” Burmen raised his arm and chucked an apple at him. Park caught it in his right hand as he sprinted off into the distance. His father had gave him a book when he was younger that held stories, facts, and information about all different creatures. Not only that, it also held a map of the world in which he lived in and all the places his father had ventured to marked. He was almost out of his small town; he climbed over a wooden fence and into his best friends’ backyard. He saw the shadow of his mother in the window cooking up a pie. It was probably a liver or heart pie, or some other kind of meat that shouldn’t be cooked let alone eaten. Hiding behind a wood pile he looked to see Jorryn’s mom exit the room. He took that chance to climb up the plant covered wall beside the kitchen window up to Jorryn’s room. Tapping the window with his knuckles he scanned the room for Jorryn who was lying on his bed playing with his Green Anole, Achelle. As soon as he heard the rapping on his window he turned to him. Placing Achelle on his shoulder he walked over and unlocked his window and pulled it open.
“Hey Park.” He helped him inside and then sat down on his bed making it creak under his weight. Jorryn ran his fingers through his messy forest green hair making it even untidier than it had been seconds ago, if that was even possible. Park sat down beside his best friend and gave a long low whistle. Jorryn cringed and glared at him, “Don’t do that so close! It sounds funny when you’re so close and you do that.”
“Couldn’t help it, it’s too quiet in here. So you all packed and ready to go on that grand vacation we saved up for?” He looked around for Jorryns bag but couldn’t see it anywhere.
“Yeah I’m good to go.” Jorryn looked at Achelle who seemed to be looking back at him disapprovingly, “So where are we heading on that map of yours?” Jorryn asked. Jorryn always asked questions, it seemed like he’d never run out of them even after he was dead and buried. Park always had troubles with all of his questions because he liked surprising his best friend sometimes. One time Park wanted to take him to a lake for a swim, but he refused to go unless he knew exactly where and when they were going. After a while of this Park gave up and just let the kid have his way.
“Fairy Country! That’s where I thought we’d take our trip this time.” Park unravelled his prized map. “It’s not too far away, only ten days by foot.”
Jorryn raised his eyebrows, “Ten days you say? At what pace? The speed of light dumb ass?”
“Who you call’en dumb ass, Lizard breath?” He returned the comment. “Yeah ten days, I’ll get us there in ten days. No sweat.”
“No sweat, that’s what you said when we stole the wizards box firecrackers when the show came this way. What happened to us again? Oh yeah, we got beaten black and blue by the wizard, you were shrunk and stuffed in a candy jar for a day and I was the same as Achelle for a week. Yippee.” He waved his hands sarcastically.
“Yeah but let me remind you who’s idea it was to steal the wizards box crackers, my reptilian friend, Yours!!” He wouldn’t let Jorryn pin this one on him. Jorryn after all was the biggest trouble maker in the town and everyone knew it. That’s why his mother kept him inside most of the time, feeding him tongue cake and liver pies. Park didn’t doubt as soon as Jorryn left the town with him they’d be singing hallelujah for weeks to come. Jorryn didn’t fight back because he knew it was his fault. “Ready for Fairy country my good old buddy and pal?” He stood up and folded his map stuffing it in his book. Jorryn stood up and used his heel to make a loose floor board pop open, kicking it away he reached into the hole and pulled out his pack and a his trusty pocket knife. “You got your knife back from ya ma? Thought she took it from ya again two days ago?”
“Yup she did, I got it back last night.” He flicked it open, “how else am I going to feel safe unless i got this baby on me? I’m all set to go, ladies first” he bowed in the direction of the window.
“Is that so? Good thing you’re a lady huh?” He shoved him towards the window, Jorryn grinned at him, which was a bad thing. In on swift motion Jorryn got behind him and kicked him out the window. He would have yelled at him vulgar words when he hit the ground except if Jorryn’s mom heard they’d be the next pie she’d be cooking. Park got the wind knocked out of him and he could hear Jorryns howling laughter in his head. He gave the silent smiling bastard the finger and laid like a corps on the greenery.
Jorryn jumped out the window landing neatly on his feet, “Well that went well don’t you think?” He offered his hand to him. Park stood up without Jorryn’s help. Another thing to know about Jorryn is if he offers you his hand after he has kicked, punched or dropped you in some shit hole don’t take it. The cruel prick will just let you fall flat on your ass again and laugh at your shocked face. Jorryn loves another person’s misery, that’s why he is Jorryn’s only friend. Well one of the reasons...
“Yeah the start of our trip is totally peachy, ain’t it Achelle?” He let the lizard crawl onto his finger and up his arm onto his shoulder. Achelle liked him thankfully; she didn’t like a lot of people and had bitten a few. Jorryn scaled the fence with ease, while it took Park two tries to fully get over to the other side. He had to run to catch up to his green haired friend who took the liberty going on ahead. “You’re so cruel you know that? I can never tell if you’re joking around or not.” He grimaced. This seemed to get a reaction out of him because he stopped walking and looked at him with confusion.
“Sorry.” He stated simply and then carried on walking. Park sighed and continued walking with him. He knew that that was the best Jorryn could do and the hopes of him feeling guilty and apologizing more was out of the picture.
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Posted 4/4/10 , edited 4/5/10
The sun was setting and the road seemed like it was never going to end. Park was getting a bit hungry and he was sure he was going to have a nice sunburn by tomorrow. They had already been traveling for three days and nothing exciting or interesting had popped up. They hadn’t seen anybody since they had left town, it was just a vast open area with a dirt road down the middle. Camping out on the hard ground was fun for a while but he was now longing for a bed for at least one night. Jorryn on the other hand didn’t seem to care at all whether he had a bed to sleep in, food in his belly or clothing on his back. Jorryn’s body was next to him but his mind was somewhere else. The first sign of life showed up then from behind them. Two horses were pulling a loaded wagon full of supplies and as they horses drew closer Park felt more relived. He waved to the driver, getting him to slow to a stop. “Hey kids what are you doing way out here?” the balding elderly man smiled at Park.
“We’re heading to fairy country.” He grinned proudly up at the man, “Hey I got a question! Is there a town nearby? We’re kind’a in need of some shelter and been camping out for a while now.”
“Closest town is Myscthin, I’m heading there I’ll give you a lift if you want.” He shrugged.
“I might just take you up on that offer,” Park smiled at Jorryn, “Wadda think pal?” Jorryn just stood in place and took an interest in the ground, shuffling it with his feet. Park climbed onto the wagon, thanking the man again, Jorryn went to hop on when the man stopped him.
“Woah, wait a minute boy.” The man took a good look at him, “Green hair and red eyes, no mistaken it you’re a Lir arn’t you boy? You traveling with a human? Never seen that before. Well welcome aboard!” He clapped his rough hands together and chuckled. Jorryn hopped on quickly and sat down next to him, as the wagon started to move the old man struck up again with the talk, “By the way the name’s Klik, what are yours?” he looked straight at Jorryn who was looking intently at Achelle who he cupped in his hands.
“I’m Park Laurence and this is Jorryn Stryk and his pet Achelle.” Park answered for all of them, “So where ya from Klik?”
“Down south, far south, a human town. Are you boys from a mixed town?”
“Nope it’s a human town.”
“Really now, but your friend... Jorryn was it? Is a Lir or am I mistaken?”
“Yes my name is Jorryn,” Jorryn spoke up his voice emotionless and calm, “and yes as far as I know I am a Lir but why is it such a big deal?”
The man’s eyes opened just a bit bigger as Jorryn spoke, “I didn’t mean to offend you, I was just surprised that’s all. I’ve never met one of your kind before and from the reputation Lir’s have I found it interesting that you got along so well in a human town.”
“I’m sorry I don’t know the reputations Lir’s have.” And that was that, Jorryn put an end to the conversation.
The rest of the trip was quiet and almost awkward, Klik kept his eye on Jorryn for most of the trip like he was a criminal. When they reached the town Jorryn was off the wagon so fast it didn’t even have time to come to a halt. Park jumped off and thanked Klik who shook his hand and said, “Any time, any time.” Klik walked up to Jorryn and stuck out his hand, “Nice meeting you Jorryn.” Jorryn looked at his hand sceptically.
He shook Klik’s hand quickly and then shoved it in his pocket of his black pants, “Thanks sir.” He turned and walked down the bustling towns’ street. Park caught up with him, his eyes looked at all the shops and people. It was amazing how fast paced everything seemed to be. At their town it was more humble with more farm like people, everything here seemed like it was a trading central.
“Hey Jorryn isn’t this cool?” He bumped Jorryns arm with his elbow.
“Yeah it’s pretty fascinating.” His eyes were taking in everything as well, “Hey Park you wanted to sleep in an Inn tonight right?” he paused.
“Yeah a warm bed and a hot meal would be awesome, why?”
“Well I found an inn already,” he pointed out a tall rustic building with dark wood and a sign that said, ‘Blackers Inn,’ “That works right?”
“Hell yes!” He grinned, “Let’s go get a meal!” they rushed forward and went inside. The inside was smoky from incense and candles, almost so much you couldn’t see a thing. It smelt sweet like vanilla or liquorice. Jorryn had his nose covered and his eyes were watering a bit from the smoke. Park laughed at him a little, “You okay?”
“I’m going to step outside, heres some money,” He reached into his bag coughing, “this should cover my half. Get us a room this smoke is killing me, I’ll be in in five, that long enough?”
“Yup! Go breathe easy.” Park took off to the front table where a man about a truck wide stood, towering over him. His grizzly hair was matted to his head and his brown eyes were consumed by his eyebrows.
“Can I help you?” he asked gruffly.
“Sure can a room for two please.” Park placed the money on the chipped wooden table. The man counted the money, scanning him over and over. “You’re quite young boy, fifteen I reckon.”
“Sixteen sir and tall for my age.”
“I see, okay I’ll get the key for the room you wait here.” He marched his large body away into a back room and out of sight. “If those eyebrows were any bigger they’d eat his face, nom nom.” He chuckled to himself quietly.
“Got the room yet?” Jorryn appeared from nowhere, his hand covering his nose again. He seemed agitated and he tapped his foot on the floor repeatedly.
“Yeah just waiting for the key,”
“Good this smoke is making me real sick, really sick.”
The man with the mountain eyebrows returned with the key, his eyes darted to Jorryn, “What the hell is a Lir doing in here?” He barked. Jorryn glared at the man and took a step back, “First i got devils sneaking in to steal food and now a damn Lir is waltzing right in? Here i thought the incense might ward away you pests.” The man came around the counter and grabbed Jorryn by his shirt collar, “Guess i’ll have to throw you out.” Jorryn wasn’t struggling which seemed odd to Park due to the fact he would always put up a fight, instead he seemed lethargic.
“HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!” Park stepped in front of the man, “that’s my friend! You can’t kick him out.”
“Friend? You’re friends with a Lir?” He gritted his teeth together and dropped Jorryn who landed hard on the ground. Sitting up Jorryn looked at the man with glazed eyes. “Well then he’s your responsibility, if he pulls any horse shit ill kill him you hear?” He tossed the key to him and looked at Jorryn again who was covering his mouth with his hand, “I’m surprised he can withstand the incense, he’s a strong bugger ill give him that.” He walked back to his counter where people were waiting to be tended to.
“Come on Jorryn lets go our room is upstairs” he grabbed his friends shoulder and helped him to his feet, “can you make it there?” Jorryn nodded as they hiked up the rickety wooden staircase. Room SX was small with two beds in one room and a table off to the side with two chairs. A concealed door led to the lavatory and there was a window on the far side of the room. Jorryn bolted for it opening it all the way and breathing in heavily. Park closed the door behind him and locked it. Throwing down his bag he flopped himself onto the closest bed to the door and looked at Jorryn who was leaning on the windowsill. Achelle left her caretakers shoulder and began exploring the room floor. She climbed up onto Jorryn’s bed and placed herself in the center of the pillows. Jorryn ended up vomiting out the window after a half an hour or so of leaning out it. “You feeling any better? That smoke really got to you didn’t it?” he asked as Jorryn laid on his bed, placing Achelle to the side on a different pillow.
“I feel green, headachy, and chilled. My stomach is still queasy.” He stared at the ceiling, “I’ll probably feel better tomorrow. I’m gonna put a cold rag on my head, that should help.” He got up stumbling a bit and walked to the lavatory.
A quick Knock knock came from the door and Park bolted upright, “I’m here with the food cart.” A female voice came from the other side. Park leapt to his feet and opened the door letting in a girl with dark brown eyes; tan skin and raven hair enter. She was young about his age and had a very nice smile in his opinion.
He closed the door behind her, “Nice to meet you I’m Park.”
She blinked and then giggled, “Mira, nice to meet you Park. So what would you like?”
“Like?” His head was all a buzz and scrambled, as he stared at the pretty figure before him.
“From the cart.” She smiled business like.
“Uh i guess that,” He hardly looked over the tray; he was too busy making a permanent image of her in his mind.
“Chicken? Good choice, it’s one of the safer meals.” She put the plate on the table, “Anything else?”
“Hmmm... I’ll take the funny looking meat sandwich there, and do you have any fruit on this cart?” Jorryn had snuck into the room and was eyeballing the cart intently.
“Jorryn, you feeling well enough to eat?” Park looked at him in wonder as he seemed to be regaining his former high-and-mighty self.
“My stomach isn’t as queasy as before if that’s what you’re referring to.” His eyes landed on Mira, he looked her up and down. Mira seemed to be in shock and cringed a bit when he laid eyes on her. Jorryn looked instantly irritated when she cringed, “Why are all you humans like this? You’re either scared of me or pissed at me just because I’m a Lir. Whatever the hell that is.” He walked over to his bed and sat down, “I’m not going to bite, but if it makes you more comfortable I’ll sit right here till you leave ok girly?”
“I’m sorry,” Mira smiled at him picking up the dish he wanted, “I shouldn’t be so judgmental.” She walked over to Jorryn and handed him the dish, “My names Mira, nice to meet you.” Park wasn’t sure how Jorryn was going to react as soon as Mira came over to him. He just hoped Jorryn would be nice to her and not give her attitude.
“Thanks.” Looking away he took the plate from her.
“Hey Mira, let’s be friends, how about it?” Park jumped in. He really wanted to get to know her even if it was for just a day.
“Friends? I’m just here to deliver dinner...” She stared at him in disbelief.
“Come on Mira, i haven’t seen anyone except Jorryn for three days,” He grinned at Jorryn who ignored him and was eating the weird sandwich. Achelle was sticking her nose into his dinner and he ripped off a piece of meat and fed it to her.
“My shift ends at ten; I guess I could drop by to visit.” She shifted around her cart and opened the door exiting.
“Great I’ll see ya then ok?!” He waved as she took off down the hall, without looking back at him.
“You like her don’t ya Park?”
Park pulled out a chair from the table and took a seat, “Yup she’s a cutie and her name is pretty too.” He dug into his chicken dinner, squishing the mashed potatoes and flicking his corn.
“I see... Do you really think that girl is your future one?” Jorryn’s hundred question quiz had started.
“Maybe, maybe not, how am I supposed to know, why?”
“No reason, Ma just talked about a one for everyone a lot... i just wanted to know.” His red eyes looked out the window into the distance, “I’m starting to get a little stir crazy, so i think I’ll go out for a bit. I don’t want to cause you trouble.”

“What’s with the sudden change in attitude? I don’t mind if it’s just a little trouble.” Park was getting really weirded out by Jorryn’s sudden personality swap. Usual Jorryn would cause as much trouble as he could until he got caught. He would pull a prank a day and then blame him, only to fess up later.
“You brought me on your magical vacation to fairy land, it’s the least I could do...” Jorryn put his empty plate on the table and looked out the window, “I think I’ll jump out here, I don’t want to go back through the smoke. Leave the window open and I’ll come back in this way to.” He jumped down and disappeared. Park looked at the clock on the wall, it was Six pm. He had a long wait till Mira came to see him. Achelle watched intently out the window from Jorryns bed, waiting for his return.
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