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Posted 4/5/10 , edited 4/5/10
I didn't really explains the reason for the poem "Beautiful Emotion"I wrote this poem three years ago and it's not one of my best pieces but this poem is one of the things that inspired and gave me courage to begin writing poetry again. Looking back at this poem, brings back memories of why i wrote it. The poem is dedicated to the trials and terrible situations that a friend of mine and her boyfriend went through to be together. And reminds me that love can be a complicated a emotion and that isn't easy sometimes when you bud heads with the one you love. My friend and her boyfriend went through a lot of crap before they were finally able to be together. But when they together everyone was against them. Only I supported them and through them i learned that love is truly complicated but it doesn't mean it worth wild to have sometimes. My friend loved her boyfriend so much but fate was cruel and tore them apart for two years. They reunited a year ago and are now planning to get married this summer without any interruptions. So, I know this isn't my best piece but I thought i share a bit of my history with you people. So, I'm posting the poem again only there some changes to the poem This is dedicated to Damian Green and Alyssa Chen, you give me the courage to find the love I have for poetry writing again. For that, this is a encore for you both.

When I first laid my eyes on you
You said hi, how are you
And I realized can it feel so divine

When you danced with me
How I could believe
When you held me
Was I selfish to say I want forever will you stay
Was it really okay?
Or did you really wanted me to go away

Was it a bliss?
To remember this
When we first kissed
But then I realized there was something I missed
It was your happiness
For now I can only watch in sadness
As others claim you in darkness

You were one boy
And I was one girl
Our worlds drifted a far
For that kiss we shared
I did without a dare
As I felt tears roll down with my fears
And I could only hear
As I dared to say this is being fair?
Or was my heart was unable to bare
And I realized
And I apologized

And I said
I love you
Until we are through
Until I cried, leave me alone you messed up guy
That I may love you to the end of time
But in front of me wasn't an illusion
That created a confusion
But created my beautiful emotion
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Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/23/10
The encore as you say tells that both the characters in the poem had a second chance at love. At least through all the trials or tribulations they have experienced, they ended up together. They say life is like a wheel & I think, this goes as well when it comes to love & relationships. Sometimes your up & sometimes your down. A very good ending for their love story or shall we say a beginning for a new chapter or in this case, a new poem perhaps?lol
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