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Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/18/10
Basically the one before gives an advice to the person before them, but also states some problem they have or something that is their weakness...

Hope that this beneficial to all but also FUN lol :P

yala, ill start .... hmmm...

Advice: since no one be4 me ill give a general but gd advice.... dont lie no matter wat :P

Problem : I tend to procrastinate or put off work till later than doing it as soon as possible, any solution?
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Posted 4/29/10 , edited 4/29/10
well this is a common problem for everyone>>>>>me to be exact

umm well wat i do to make my self do my work w chee isssss.......i tell myself if i finish it now baftak lel2abad mnaa! so a7san agoooom asawiii now mn later!!! try it maybe it will work with you =]

problem: im a shy person!! very shy! fel assembly or anything that has to do with public speaking kills me!! bs i rlly like these stuff! the only thing is that i feel shy to look at ppl while saying a speech or anything
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