Video buffering
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Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/6/10
Good Evening

1. I want to watch videos in 480p or 720p but the Video stops every 3 seconds. Thats no fun to watch.
I know i have a slow internet connection! (Download 160 kByte/s).

I tried to to run the video the 24 minutes and watch it then. Now it should be downloaden in the cache.
(Cache 500 mb storage and is clear).

Didnt work! Same problem.

Any Suggestion???


mfg Evolut1on

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Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/7/10
Sorry but, due to legal reasons, we can't allow more than a few minutes to buffer in advance. So whether you leave it there for 24 minutes or 24 hours, it will still only load a few minutes in advance at any given time.
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Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/17/10
I have a suggestion about video buffering. It would be nice to see a progress bar of some sort when buffering. Sometimes I'm not even sure if the video is buffering when I have it paused. If the buffer progress bar is full, then most users would assume that the video has buffered to the maximum amount. Anyhow, just a user friendliness suggestion.
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