UK Dangerous Cartoons Act
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Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/6/10
Why yes.

A new law in the UK concerning 'dangerous cartoons' has been introduced today.

Manga or anime with young-looking protagonists in sexual situations has now been classified “non-photographic visual depictions of child sexual abuse” and is now illegal, with a possible sentence of a 3 year prison term and being listed on the Sex Offenders Register.

The worst thing is, this applies to an awful lot of hentai, ecchi and more mainstream works of anime and manga. If arrested for something on your hard drive (including stuff you deleted) it would be shown to a jury and even one still from anime or a single image from manga is enough to convict.

You may well have something on your HD now that makes you a sex criminal under this law. Worse still, you could read the letter of the law and still not be able to tell what counts and what doesn't as a "dangerous cartoon".

For instance, there are a few shows here on CR that could, if in a legal prosecution situation. *That* scene with naked Shizuku in Omamori Himari may now count in the UK as a “non-photographic visual depiction of child sexual abuse”.

So fear for your hentai and fear for your ecchi, probably your yaoi and your yuri, and most certainly any lolicon or shotacon. Fear for your dojins, and fear for your 4chan.

or, of course, stand up for your rights, and protest loudly and bitterly from every metaphorical rooftop of the internet, before this thought crime law has a chance to abuse personal freedoms and makes oblivious criminals!

[edit: sorry for doubleposting in both manga and anime, but it's pretty relevant, no?]
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