Bingo Book: Genesis of Fate
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Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/8/10
The Prophet's Guild has been revealed to have used Darkness to gain power. A Hit List has been issued for the members of the Prophet's Guild. Dead or Alive.

Judge Daniel Law the "Judgement": corrupt judge; uses a large hammer; user of binding spells
Madam d'Vine the "Popess": con artist; prophet
King Rex the "Emperor": fake king of the island of Saligia; hypnotist
Lance Shepherd the "Temperance": cook; able to eat anything
Queen Press the "Empress": fake queen of the island of Saligia; gravity manipulation
Diablo the "Devil": cult recruiter; vampire
Fortuna Wheeler the "Wheel of Fortune": mechanic; technopathy
Forte the "Strength": former kickbox champion; increased strength
Christian the "Pope": cult leader; vampire
'Valentine de Invidia' the "Lovers": body possession; real name Rosso; controlling Valentine's body
Hans the "Hanged Man": executioner; uses an ax; user of binding spells
Terra the "World": activist; geomancy user
Saul the "Sun%2
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