The Tea Time Room!
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 5/7/10
Hello, And Welcome To The Tea Time Room!

Here, Everyone can have fun!
We play games, drink tea, and eat cake!
Who Can Participate In Games?
Teachers, students, and student council members are all invited to post!
Are There Rules?
Yes, they conclude of:
Be Nice,
No Swearing,
Keep it PG,
And Most Of All, Have Fun!
Can I Post More Than Once?
Of Course! What kind of game lets you post only once???
Do I Have To Play?
No, but if all you want to do is chat, then please go to your dorm-room to chat with other students.

Current Game:
Munchy Count To 50
Yui and the others love to eat cake and drink tea! This game includes doing both!

The Menu Includes:
Strawberry Cake
Chocolate Cake
Yellow Cake
Rainbow Cake
Angel Food Cake
Cheese Cake
Green Tea
Surprise Tea
Black Tea
Oolong Tea
White Tea
Flavored Tea
Herbal Tea

1st post: 1 piece of Yellow Cake = 1 item
2nd post: 1 piece of Strawberry Cake and 1 Green Tea = 2 items
3rd post: 1 Surprise Tea, 1 piece of Cheese Cake, and 1 Oolong Tea = 3 items
... and so on
Remember the rules!
Have Fun!
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Yay me first!
I want...
1 green tea = 1 item
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/8/10
mmm. i want strawberry cake and green tea: 2 item
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Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/9/10
Me want... 1 chocolate cake,1 angel food cake,and 1 flavored tea = 3 item
Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/9/10
i want:
2 yellow cakes, 1 chocolate cake, and 1 Herbal tea= 4 items
Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/9/10
i want:
2 strawberry cakes, 1 choco cake, and 2 flavored tea= 5 items!
Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/9/10
yiseunggi wants....

Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Rainbow Cake, Angel Food Cake, Green Tea = 6 items!
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/11/10
3 rainbow cake, 2 angel food cake, 1 green tea, 1 Oolong tea = 7 Items!
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