Post Reply How The Mind Works by Steven Pinker
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/8/10
Although the book itself was written in 1997, it came under heavy scrutiny at the time of its publication by the religious, ultra conservative, and interestingly enough extremely liberal sectors of the academic society.

Nonetheless, How the Mind Works by cognitive scientist Steven Pinker was IMO the first bold attempt of evolutionary science staking its claims on the subject that's the nature of humanity. And by staying true to the tradition of the positivity of science, which is confirming only the experiences, the writer was able to theorize the fundamental nature of what is a secular mind, how it became like it is via evolutionary science, and why nature favors the existence of such a mind above all else.

For those who have yet read the book for themselves, here's an audio version of the book via YouTube.

For a first attempt at intellectual peer review, I think this is perhaps the most appropriate topic for an intellectual debate on well, the nature of human intellect itself via evolutionary psychology. Afterward I think we should present our combined findings onto the CR ED forum, and see just what other shits and giggles we can have for our own musing with those radically outspoken collectivists.
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