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Make your own Scene where either Nagi or Rima confesses. Be creative, do whatever you want [as long as you're following the rules!!]

•No hating on the Couple!!
•Must be a member to participate
•Be nice
•No Spamming
•Nothing inapropriate
•Cussing not alowed [you must censor them: *****]

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(i'll guess I'll start )

Nagi is walking Rima home because the others aren't avalible at the moment
Nagi: The sky is nice isn't it?
Rima: Surree...
Nagi: *chuckles*
Rima: why are you laughing?
Nagi: Because yu're cute!
Rima: *sighs*
Nagi: Oh right. I meant funny.
Rima: What's your reason of walking me home in the first place?
Nagi: I don't know exactly why. I just....
Nagi: Well I don't want you walking home alone to tell you the truth. *smiles*
Rima: *blushes*
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