Post Reply About Dark Allies United (DAU)
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/9/10

Dark Allies United is created in 2008 to gather all D.Gray Man fans. To let them have the imagination of being one of the characters in D.Gray Man. In this group, we let members to apply for the position they want, and also, having them to create their own weapons in order to fight against the enemies. Be it your a Noah or Exorcist, we will treat you equally and will have the same benefits for all.

We also have some game forums created by the Creator, Moderators, and some active members. Some games, if you have participated, I can say that it is not original but the content will be different, as it is all about D.Gray Man. There will be also hangouts for each categories of people. Example, we have Earl's Ark for the Noah Family.

DAU will not work well and becomes active without the help of my Moderators' help. Also thanks to those members who are constantly active.

I regret to say that DAU is no longer active as those devoted members are busy with their own stuffs. I hope this group had bring fun and joy to you all
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