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Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/11/10

Position: We got more available seats. Members can choose to be your own imaginary characters or stick to the original ones. Also, we gonna make a team out of Generals / Exorcists and Noahs / Akumas. Each General / Exorcist: Can make themselves a Goblem and Noah can choose their own akumas or servants.

Innocence / Special Ability: The power you hold can be the same as in the anime or you can create your own either way is fine.

Humans: Yeah, we need them. If anyone wants to be any ordinary person, PM me then I will decide to put up the names.

Forums: I had categorized all the forums. Now you can access it easily at the front page label.

Manga & Others: We will update the latest Manga Chapter once it is released. Check at this link

Membership Card: We have membership card now. You can apply and check HERE!

PS: If anyone wants RP (RolePlaying), you are welcome to do that, I will make a forum if someone request for it.
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