Chapter 2 of Shugo Chara Encore
Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/9/10
I'm just wondering,
what do you guys think now that RimaHiko went canon?! :'D .

Aishhh, I L-O-V-E-D the chapter. <3 I'm also kinda glad it wasn't rushed like Chapter 1.
I also liked the appearance of Tsubasa. 8D
It made it much more funnier, imo.
I absolutely can't wait for the next one. (:

Oh, and did anyone see the April Fool's Chapter on MangaFox before it got taken down?
I thought it was real when everyone was cussing everywhere. :<
Though it was enjoyable at few parts. I bursted out laughing when Kusukusu said "Orgy!"
Then after the last page said, "LOL WE TROLL YOU LOL WE TROLL YOU LOL WE TROLL YOU LOL WE TROLL YOU LOL WE TROLL YOU LOL WE TROLL YOU" etc. I got so pissed. I'm like, "Way to break the spirits of Shugo Chara fans."
Darn scanlators.

Anyways, 'hat be all. c:

Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/10/10
rimahiko all the way!

i really liked the chapter, it was super cute. i wanted more... guess i just have to wait patiently... but it was really sad that rima's parents had to get divorced or something... not that we couldn't see it coming, but then i guess there would be no story... and nagihiko wouldn't be able to comfort her.

it's also kind of weird/ scary on how fast nagihiko can change to nadeshiko... i wonder if shugo chara encore is going to have a chapter where he tells amu he's really nadeshiko

recommend u read it! :D

shoot i missed the april fools thing it sounds funny!
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