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M / bang
Posted 4/9/10 , edited 6/12/11

Literacy is an amazing world~
Honestly, I'm infatuated with writing.
Anyways, I'm gonna make a freewrite story like the last one, only less shitty.

Anyways, the theme will be nothing and infinity. If I could make my story around for that.
But then again, that's what edits are for.

DISCLAIMER : The god in this story will not be a christianic god, nor will it be any god, it's just a god for the sake of a good(or cliche :P) antagonist.

~Coming soon~
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24 / M / In a place were e...
Posted 4/14/10 , edited 4/15/10
its great i love it!
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M / bang
Posted 4/17/10 , edited 6/13/11

Anyways since the dude/dude-ette up there breaks the post combo, I'll start here. *'s will be for something that I may edit later on as I gain ideas, as well as my commentry on it.

Infinite Nothing~ *(LAWL HORRIBLE TITLE)

Nothingness, that is what my name represents.
Nothingness, that's what I truly am.
Who am I? Nothing
What am I? Nothing
Why am I here? I have no clue
What is my name? Nihil
The world is depressing, but beautiful in it's own way.
As if it was nothing at all, but infinity.
Even humans, other than I, of course, are nothing. But as the world, they are infinite in their own ways, and together, a force to be reckoned with.
Why can't I be like that?
Why can't I be like this amazing world?
Better yet, why aren't there more worlds like this?
Infinite questions, much more than I.
I, who represents nothingness, and cannot represent infinity at all.
Welcome to my story, how I truly became infinity.*(Seriously I'm shaky about this whole part)

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M / bang
Posted 5/22/10 , edited 10/31/11

Again, this is a freewrite, well at least right now as of Halloweenie.
So as I wait for Iris online to patch so I can try it and stuff since my good comp is broken and I have been bored out of my goddamn mind, I'll resume this.

~Chapter 2~

As far as I could remember, I was nothing.
Nothing to my parents, nothing to my peer.
Have I ever truly had a natural conversation?
Forced ones, things that people have to get to know me better, all of those ends in utter tragedy.
Even my teachers have gave up on including me in the class.
My teachers, who have accepted my way.
Even my studies, they have ended in failure.
I am a zero student, zero in everything, and I accept this.
Why wouldn't I?
The most prideful person; the person who would never give up, would admit his failures after being reminded of it every single second.
(God I feel so depressing writing this, and it's not even that good of an emotional paragraph)
But would I change?
Could I become infinity?
Throughout my childhood, throughout my life, I've always clung on the grim hope, the slim hope, the only hope.
Hope that I can change, and become something.
Even the littlest of something.
In life.
This never happened.
I never became social.
I never exceled, or at the very least, passed remarkably in anything.
My marks were all barely passed.
My only friend was a teddy bear, the teddy bear my parents gave during my infantcy when they thought I had any hope.
Of course they were hideously wrong.
I'm a monster.
A grimace to the world.
And will never be anything.
But still.
As if it is impossible to not do so.
I hung on to my one and only hope.
The hope to become something.
* (Meh. Since I did say it was my kh fanstory, I have to insert something kh-ishy in here. This is in a kh group after all. NEXT CHAPTER)

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M / bang
Posted 10/31/11 , edited 10/31/11
Chapter 3
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