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Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/11/10
Cambodian food is similar to Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food, with lots of rice, noodles, salads and spicy soups. In the cities, the French influence is also obvious. Long sticks of French bread are a common sight, and French pastries and frogs' legs are popular.

Families have their main meal at lunchtime. It usually includes soup, which they eat at the same time as the main course of rice, vegetables and fish or meat. People eat with a spoon and fork, with their fingers or with chopsticks.

Cambodians eat rice at almost every meal, either steamed, fried or as noodles. Rice flour is a useful ingredient in cakes and pastries. The next most important food is fish, which people eat fresh, dried, smoked or fermented into fish sauce or paste (called prahok). When they can afford it, people also eat chicken, pork and beef. The most common flavourings are ginger, lemongrass, chilli and mint. Cambodians love desserts, which they make from fruit or rice, often cooked in coconut milk, with palm sugar for sweetness and flavour.

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