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Posted 4/11/10 , edited 4/12/10
Hey peeps, DAU now has its own Membership Card now. Please apply one if you hold a position here. If you are unsure whether you got a position or not, check HERE

The samples are:

The making of Membership will take about 3-7 days, depends on the request. We judge by first come first serve basics. So please have patience. We will either mail you the Membership Card to your Inbox or we will quote your application post. So please take note of it. Thanks.


Please fill up these information for our convenience

Username: xLive2Diex
Character Name: Lavi
Position: Exorcist
Status: Creator
Layout: #1

Character Name:
Status: (For members who are not a Moderator, we will named you "Regular Member")

21823 cr points
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22 / F / In your closet
Posted 6/5/10 , edited 6/6/10
Username: KandaLotus
Character Name: Yuu Kanda
Position: Exorcist???
Status: Regular Member
Layout: #1
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