Singing Contest!

Posted 4/11/10 , edited 4/11/10


1st Prize

2nd Prize


Things you need to remember:

1. You can sing, English, Japanese and Korean Songs.
2. Don't say your voice is terrible or things like that
3. If there is only 3 contestant the contest will be closed.
4. Ask your friends to join, so that the contest will not be closed.
5. You need to have a youtube account. If you don't have click here

and sign up! If you already have a youtube account upload a video of you singing the song, you wanna sing.
6. Limit of contestants is 12.
7 If you dont have this pic (In the spoiler with the code) you can't join!

Application Form

Name of Song:
URL of video:
Have you read things you need to remember?
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