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Tell us about youreself. Introduction Corner, tell about youreslf.
Describe youreself - Name,age,Personality, etc... :]
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HI everyone

I'm Teddy ^^ 14 years old ^^
From Bulgaria (Europe)
I'm tall and blonde ^^
People say that I'm very kind and helpful
I like meeting new people and making friends
I watch to korean dramas too ^^
One of my dreams is to be able to visit Korea ^^
I just wish to see Seoul^^
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My name's Jennah but I prefer being either Jen or "Chu"
I'm Chinese-Filipino/Turkish-Lebanese.
I was born on January 1 in the United Arab Emirates
I'm imperfect but that just makes JEN perfect <3 :]
I errmm... compose songs, write poems, sing, dance and act ^^
I love MUSIC so much to the point that I appreciate songs in different languages.
I love korean idol groups, shows, and other stuff.
I love the Korean language, the country itself, and their culture. :]

I am SHINee and Super Junior biased <3 :))


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Helloes ! You can call me Misa :]
I'm 10 this year .
I'm from South Korea .
So you should have guessed that my Korean name shouldn't be Misa or whatever ...
It's Soo Mi :] Lee Soo Mi ^^
I like lots of K-Pop bands :] Just couldn't really put it all down here ... Because I don't know some bands' names in English ^^
Hope to know you :]
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Welp; Ma Birth name is → K i m m i a . .
K o r e a n ; A m e r i c a n ; S p a n i s h ; && More
I LoveLoveLoveLoveLove Korean Artissts →
I was Pushed out Of mommy on June14th
My dream is to Visit Japan. ♥ Because i`ve never beeen!
I Adore My Nintendo DS && Could play on it all day :] ..
I speak Fluent Korean However- My aunts&Uncles Laugh at my accent when i do =|
I Love Music + Food Minuss Kimichi ( Thats some Nasty shit !)
Hope we can be friendss :]

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Hi there! I'm Marina!

I'm from Bulgaria!
And i'm 14 years old!
I love everything about Korea!
My dream is to learn Korean
and then go there!
I like watching dramas and anime!
I'm really into Korean music!
I just love all groups!
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Hi - u can call me Ange
i'm from Dubai
next month i'm gonna be 13
i love watching anime and K-drama's + korean songs
my - Suju , snsd , shinee, 2pm , G-dragon , wonder girls ,......etc

S E O U L <3
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