The Principality of Amantherium
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Kingdom Name: The Principality of Amantherium
Capital: Amantherium
Ruler: Prince Kassidus the Curator
Location: A small peninsula connected to the mainland, now renamed as the Amanterian Peninsula.
Detailed Information:
The Principality of Amantherium's origins was a humble one, handled with democracy and ruled over by a council of governors. The last head governor of those times was Governor Caliphus, the father of Kassidus. When Caliphus died of unknown means, the council of governors then quarreled and argued with each other as to who would be the next head governor of this region.

Kassidus saw this as an opportunity, and after recruiting a small army, started a coup d'état. With no real army to defend itself with, the governors of Amantherium were forced to submit themselves to Kassidus' rule. Initially, Kassidus was treated with contempt. However, with the help of multiple construction projects to create great forums, a well-connected series of sewers, and aqueducts, the people saw him with a new light, and called him the Curator.

The pride of the Principality was that of order and cleanliness. Indeed, with the developments upon the city, much of Amantherium and its expansions were relatively clean of filth. Much of the roads in the city intersect in key places, with alleys between each building for citizens to walk through. Lastly, large aqueducts were created to guide water into the cities, allowing great amounts of water to travel to those who are under their rule.

The main faith of the Principality is that of the One God. In this religion, there exists only One God, and he awaits those who live a life of moral character, bringing them to his side upon death. Those who lack morals are thrown into a pit of fire, to burn for all eternity. This faith denies much of the supernatural, as well as the belief of multiple gods. Thus, any other creature other than natural animals and humans who come close to any of the cities of the Principality will cease existence.

The Principality is a powerhouse faction, coming out of its humble beginnings. They are military, cultural and religious powers. Their trade is powerful, with the transportation that they created making good use of Black Powder and Sun Crystals, and are well known for selling well-made tapestries of the One God, though much of their produce are common metals and grain, the latter cultivated well due to the water flow into the city.

The well-disciplined and constantly trained legions of Amantherium are what allows them to overcome the military might of surrounding armies, their red cloaks make them an intimidating sight in the battlefield. Their main foot legions are highly trained and adaptable to any situation. They wear heavily reinforced steel for armor, with a steel tower shield.

Their weaponry consists of a set of pilum, of which the tips are covered in Black Powder, and explodes upon friction with other metals, and can be used as thrusting weapons against enemy cavalry as well. They are also equipped with short swords, which are used to stab enemies from behind their shields without exposing their own bodies, as well as daggers. Some are even given bows, the arrows used are also covered in Black Powder.

The cavalry of the Principality is a force to be reckoned with. Their horses are bred to be as fast as they are as large, and are well trained since maturity. Most if not all soldiers from Amantherium have been trained on the ground as much as on horse, to give them versatility over their opponents, as well as knowledge on the tactics of cavalry. Most cavalry are equipped with lances and short swords, though a good number also use bows, the arrows used are also covered in Black Powder.

The artillery of Amantherium is the most dangerous know to man. The most commonly used set of artillery of this army is known solely as the Rapid Bombards. They are known to fire iron balls at an incredible velocity and power due to the combination of the Sun Crystals and Black Powder, and are fired in great speed. Many heavily-fortified walls have fallen due to these Rapid Bombards, usually three Rapid Bombards could take down a wall in ten minutes.

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The Holy Order of the Pale Knights:
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