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Posted 4/12/10 , edited 4/12/10
Right, before you claim a country, use this format:

Name/human name:
Personality and interests:

Right... so mine is...

Name/human name: Germany/Ludwig
Age: 20
Appearance: He is a tall, muscular man with blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a green Waffen SS officers uniform with a Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on the collar; in the early webcomic chapters that take place during WWI, he wore a gray-blue Waffenrock uniform (as seen in color artwork) characteristic of the German army uniform of that period (the color of this uniform was changed to green for the anime). However the black cuffs and white piping may also suggest Ludwig wears a Schutzpolizei administration uniform.
Personality and interests: A serious and efficient man who always abides by the rules, Ludwig has to deal with an unreasonable boss along with the troublemaking Feliciano. He won't stand to make any mistakes, is a neat freak, and happens to have a rather pessimistic nature. His hobbies include making sweets (including his secret love of baking cakes), reading and walking his dogs. He's also a fan of BDSM.

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Name/human name: Japan/ Kiku Honda
Age: secret (well approximately 2000 yrs old)
Appearance: He is short, thin man with black hair and dark brown eyes(some pictures show brown or black). he wears a white naval uniform with black and gold accents. but sometimes he just wears a kimono, but sometimes in a black naval uniform with gold accents.
Personality and interests: he is a serious hard working person. Japan was hikikomori for approximately 200 years but he likes cats and owns a dog name pochi which resembles Akita or perhaps a Shibu Inu, later a bunny and a Guinea pig. he tries to learn the culture of other countries, but he`s more prone to culture shock,and mostly act like a businesslike man. later in the series he befriended America and England it is also shown he`s friends with Greece and turkey. it is said that japan does`nt get mad or angry easily only summons an unpleasant feeling but it is said that japan would be the scariest when angered.
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Posted 6/7/10 , edited 6/7/10
Name/human name: Hungary/Elizabeta Héderváry
Age: Unknown..
Appearance: She has long, light brown hair and green eyes, though in some art and merchandise her hair is colored blonde. Her most common outfit, seen in merchandise and official artwork, is a green military uniform and matching beret. In the actual series, she can usually be seen dressed in a maid outfit.
The flower she wears in her hair, according to notes by Himaruya, is meant to represent Lake Balaton. It has been alternatively colored pink and yellow in the official artwork, though it is colored orange in the anime adaptation.
Personality and interests: In her past, Elizabeta was once a nomadic girl who loved to chase after horses on the plains, and was a rather tomboyish child, to the point where she believed herself to be a boy until hitting puberty. She is described as being both a reliable older sister type and the manliest character in the series, and she also appears to be a fujoshi (literal: "rotten woman," a woman who is a yaoi fan).
She doesn't get along well with Romania, to the point where their relationship is described as being like that of a cat and a dog. It is also said that due to her dislike of Romanians, she would rather name her dogs after them.
Mongolia is said to have bullied Hungary in her youth, along with the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).
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Posted 6/8/10 , edited 6/8/10
Name/human name: Turkey, Sadiq Adnan
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Sadiq is rather tall and olive-skinned, with a slight stubble on his chin (like Francis). He wears a long green (sometimes tan) coat, brown pants, a tan scarf, and a red fez hat. His face is usually obscured by a white mask. Like Heracles, he has a double haircurl, but it rests down by his neck.
When not dressed up, he can often be seen wearing a green hoodie and brown pants.
Personality and interests: Sadiq is described as having a lively personality, as well as being competitive and friendly. He loves to entertain tourists, and favors the taste of sweet foods like ashure. He speaks in an Edo dialect.
Though his exact age has never been stated, he is one of the visibly physically older nations in the cast, and was known as the Ottoman Empire in his younger days. However, it is also likely the Ottoman Empire is a relative of Turkey, as Greece once pictured the both of them together
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