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Ohk Ill Start!
The names Lillian Jayden Sylalom <3 im Thai. Laotion, And Japanese. im 15 years. I love watching scary movies hehe i d k Y though. im pretty out-going. im NICE kind, I really HATE! Wannabes. FLIRTS. PERVS!. etc. My Favorite animes are Hayate No Gotoku. Prince Of Tennis. Inuyasha. Bleach. Naruto. and Naruto Shippuden, Well thats all i have to say right now ohk? BYE!

Heres my Picture!
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Hiii im joreen~:)) ^^ im 14 yrs old turning 15 this 23 September ~ :)) ^^ Im filipino chinese with some spanish blood..but seriously, im not uhhm, i lovee Anime , manga, JPOP, and recenlty- kpop.>~:)) ^^ uhh,, I was born and grew up in philippines~ but i live in Singapore now~:)) My fave animes are: ONE PIECE, LOVELY COMPLEX, FULL MOON WO SAGASHITE, FUSHIGI YUUGI, etccc...~:)) i always give up watching anime when i think they're boring or anythingg..~

my picture is~
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