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Write your top 5 anime here..^^ So, we can share each other
And don't forget to tell the reason.. It'll make your top anime sounds interesting..

Username : UtauHoshinaCool
My Top 5 anime is::
-BLEACH -------------------> This ish the greatest anime I ever seen!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH! <3
-PANDORA HEARTS -------------------> This anime ish exciting!! Oz ish so kawaii!!
-SHUGO CHARA -------------------> U can see, My username ish one of character in this anime!
-SHAKUGAN NO SHANA ------------------> Exciting!! and Interesting!! when the 1st time I watch it, I like it!!
-KIRARIN REVOLUTION ------------------> I like it.. Love the song, Kirari ish cute!!

Nah, u understand now???
Sorry, my english ish suck.. but, hope u understand it..
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Username: Amu_Hinamori_23

My TOP 5 Anime are::

1.) Shugo Chara: I like this anime because the characters are good and their theme songs are so wonderful. I like the story also

2.) Kaichou wa Maid Sama: This is kinda new but the first episode was so great! So Exciting!

3.) K-ON!: I like this b'cuz their songs was awesome!

4.) Kirarin Revolution: I like the songs and the story

5.) Alice Academy: I like this b'cuz it's magical with super
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My TOP 5 Anime ~ ♥ :

1. Pandora Hearts this anime really good, best of the best I ever seen... i can't describe it with lots of word, but IT"S AWESOME!!
2. K-ON I love music plush the song in there
3. Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood EPIC!
4. Fairy Tail The author of "Rave Master" made another anime and im a big fan of his, must watch! i really love magic and dragons things... XD
5. Yuu Yuu Hakusho I never tired to watch this old anime.. even it showed for many time at animax, i still love to watch it again~~ XDD
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waa... all of u have some cool favorite anime.. ><
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Top 5 Anime I L♥ve!

1.Bleach - very KEWL story plot and I love the main Char Ichigo - - xD
2. FMA Brotherhood - Kewl Powers ~ [alchemy]
3. Hayate No Gotoku - Nice Comedy Anime xD
4.K-on - Characters there are Cute!! xD
5. Kimi Ni Todoke - The two main characters w/c are lovers are very sweet!! xD
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Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/16/10
username: syusuketaiga

1. Prince of Tennis---'cause of the cool effects and there's lots of inspiring parts..
2. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!---same as POT, cool effect and lots of bishounen that will drive girls crazy..
3. La Corda D'Oro---great plot and I love music...I also love the characters especially Tsukimori..
4. Vampire Knight---it's just that...I really really like blood....I don't know why...
5. Kaichou wa maid-sama---the characters are great...and the plot is good..
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