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Guild Wars 2 will replace WoW?
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Posted 11/9/10 , edited 11/9/10
I still think there is a chance, but in the end.... once you reach end game content. it get too repetitive.... Its the reason i dont play GW any more and i am on hiatus on WoW...

The only thing for me that makes WoW better than the 300+ MMO's i ve played and tested is that you get to be close to you're guild members :3

Well I did think Goonzu Online, err Luminary Online's Official International servers Were better than anything. but that's cause i was able to be friends practically all of the server.... well thats all in the past now, just about everyone I knew in the game is gone, and the game is now more focused on making u spend money :p
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Posted 11/15/10 , edited 11/16/10
It's depressing to realize that no matter how stupid something someone says is, there is always someone out there vying for the title of dumbest bastard on the planet.

Let me put this as plainly as possible.
No game will EVER replace or defeat WoW. Not even games made by Blizzard. WoW is a freak of nature. An accident. It's the big blue naked guy(Doctor Manhattan) of the MMO universe. No game will ever takes it's place. No game will ever be able to compete with it on its own level.

WoW will eventually run out of steam. That's it. It isn't going to be conquered by some heroic new comer. It will simply die of old age. Once it's dead, several other games will compete for the crown, but no game will ever be as successful as WoW.

And honestly... Guild Wars? Of all the games you could have chosen you go with GUILD WARS?
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Posted 11/23/10 , edited 11/23/10
To be honest, I really dont want all the wow fanboys playing GW2.. Ive encountered them and for the most part I cant stand them.

That being said, while gw2 may not "dethrone" wow, If arenanet can pull off even half of what they're trying to do, they will revolutionize the mmo genre, and with the awards won at gamescom,pax and nycc plus the publics reaction to the demo I'd say they are well on their way.

WoW is dated, pure and simple,time for change. SWtOR is looking to be a wow clone, and sources have said that the project is doing poorly financially.

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28 / M / colorado
Posted 11/23/10 , edited 11/23/10
This is why I dont play WoW



LEVEL 80 BLOODELF MAGE!!!!!!!! MLG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 11/23/10 , edited 11/23/10
ill leave this here i play guild wars been playing for nearly 5 years and am excited for GW2 but it is like the vid says wow cant b killed
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Posted 12/16/10 , edited 12/16/10
You can't kill WoW; GW was not a great game. it wasn't a bad game either; however WoW surpasses it greatly and the count in players is just proof of that.
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Posted 1/1/11 , edited 1/1/11
I don't know if Guild Wars 2 will dethrone World of Warcraft but I'll have to say that they have a pretty good chance to dethrone WoW. Being ArenaNet's only second MMOG and sequel to their first there's quite a few things that'll make people want to buy it. First being that they'll finally and yes I'll say it again finally have different races to choose from which lacked in the first one as well as its level cap, PvP is going to be on a much bigger scale which Guild Wars didn't lack; I found it better than WoW's PvP seeing how in WoW it was depending on what your equipment was and level majority of the time while Guild Wars was about what skills you used. Another thing is likely how the quests will be played out... there's probably a lot more I haven't checked yet but these are just a few minor things that'll dethrone WoW.
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28 / M / Belgium
Posted 1/11/11 , edited 1/11/11
I think it's irrelevant whether it will "beat" WoW (in what way? sales? active players? users switching over from wow to gw2?).

You either like it or you don't. I'm a guild wars 1 player and I love it, I've been playing it for very long. I'm looking forward to guild wars 2 and I already know I'll be spending countless hours in there.

I think comparing the two is rather useless. Especially considering guild wars 2 isn't even out yet, and WoW is already 6 (?) years old and has an established community/user-base. Also, despite the games both being MMOs, I think they are very different in many ways.

I like guild wars, other people like WoW. To each their own.

Just my 2 cents.
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26 / M / Ontario, Canada
Posted 1/12/11 , edited 1/13/11
It will steal a great deal of WoW players, but never kill it.
GW release date: 28 April 2005
WoW release date: November 23, 2004

Not that far apart but GW has more action.
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Posted 1/17/11 , edited 1/18/11
personally i feel WoW will stay alive for a longgggg time.. I bought one of the guild wars game (Nightfall) And never even looked back at it

WoW PVP is also not all about gear, it has a lot to do with skill, timing of using skills (As with any MMO in PVP) Sure, gear helps, but mostly skill...
Posted 1/18/11 , edited 1/19/11
Played Guild Wars since beta, and still play every now and then still. Not as addicted to it as I was, but can't wait for Guild Wars 2!
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29 / M / Australia
Posted 1/24/11 , edited 1/25/11
I think the only thing that will kill wow is the new mmo that blizz is making, and only if its better then wow
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Posted 2/4/11 , edited 2/4/11
Please remember that Guild Wars (the original) was supposed to "kill" WoW. In fact, so was Age of Conan, D&D Online, LotR Online, and virtually every other major MMO that got released.

In fact, the only other MMO besides WoW that hasn't peaked within a year has been EVE Online, which is still slowly growing thanks to the fact that it appeals to a niche market instead of trying to steal a market share from WoW.

WoW is good at what it does, and it will be VERY hard to dethrone it. In fact, the CEO of EA games has stated that it is financially impossible to come up with enough funds to create an MMO to directly compete with WoW, now that it is entrenched in its market.
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28 / M / Norway
Posted 2/14/11 , edited 2/14/11
First I'd like to say: Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 will be two entirely different games! If you didn't like GW, chances are that you'll still like GW2 if you give it a chance, or you might not, but then for different reasons than "gw suck so gw2 gotta suck as well", I hope.

Tbh, I don't think gw2 will be able to out-sell WoW, but i do think it'll be more fun to play and generally better content wise.

Personally, I thought GW was fun for a while, but lost interest while playing through the story in the factions expansion...
I loved the story, but always felt pressured to skip cut-scenes whenever i was in a group with other players... and thus had to choose between soloing through the story, or skip the story with other players :/

I'm still very excited about GW2 though, Arenanet has grown as a company, and they're certainly not taking shortcuts in making GW2.
I got very high expectations of GW2 :p

WoW will probably stay 1st for a while longer, but i do think that GW2 will arrive at a comfortable 2nd place.
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Posted 2/15/11 , edited 2/15/11
just making a single post here wow is not #1 gw2 wil probaly beat wow because wow keeps getting worse and gw2 wil have epic features
its will be 99% different then the first game

o and the #1 game = (and don't complain its and ACTUAL FACT)


(dont rage saying it sucks cos i know it sucks.. its just a fact)

wow is at #6
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